Friday, November 10, 2006

Australian Habit : Aggression

There has been lot of hue and cry over the alleged misbehaviour of the Aussies during the presentation ceremony of the ICC champions tropy in which they pushed Sharad Pawar the BCCI honcho from the dais

Of late we have heard and seen icindents of Aussies being rash , peevish , belligerent and many more words can describe their attitude. Few famous incidents are like one between slater and dravid and who can forget the nasty duel between ramnaresh sarwan and Glen McGrath that included lots of lewd taunts. Lately ponting is in news for the wrong reasons arguing with umpires in almost every tournament and was on the verge of getting suspended for 2-3 one dayers had the incident being repeated.

Australians are the most to violate the ICC code of Conduct in 2006 and Ponting has been reprimanded twice. This is not with cricket only we know about acts of Mark Philippoussis and about some football players also.

But what i feel is the act of nudging the BCCI chief was just another portrayal of their winning habbit which comes from they being "aggressive". They are taught/prepared to be aggressive and this aggressiveness leads to them being unbeatable. This is not individual aggression but it is a team. In india the players are taught to be gentlemen as this game is known as in this part of the world but in Australia winning is the main motive by any means and this is the attitude that have made them invincible.

It is in this field where India is lagging presently and it was only under Ganguly's rein when aggression was clearly visible though more in saurav but it was the attacking attitude which resulted in winning habbits. Though his critics termed it as ego problems. It was the belligerence, combativeness in series against Australia, Pakistan and in world cup which did wonders to india cricket. The aggression lead to self belief, self confidence and was converted into winning habbits.

Rare Aggression From Indians

Habit Of Australians

War does not determine who is right - only who is left. ~Bertrand Russell

and Cricket is war and you need to be ruthless to make winning a habit.


dk said...

what surprises me is the fact that australia, which has an image of laid-back relaxed guys sipping beer all weekend on a beach, takes a complete U-turn on cricket field. Arrogance of the decade long champions tag (never heard of Tiger Wood or Roger Federar in any such incidence) drives them insane.

Lets keep it simple ozees, lets keep the gentlman's game atleast, a respectful game!

usg said...

well the act they put together during that presentation ceremony hardly justifies your argument.
Being aggressive is one thing, being arrogantly disrespectful to an elder another, if at all that act speaks of anything, it speaks of the casual Australian beer_and_TV culture.

Nitesh said...

i said there aggression is becoming a habit, now it is being reflected in their daily lives which is not good but is helps them keep winning

We indians who one day used to criticize sharad pawar as he is playing power politics , hungry for power that's why he contested for BCCI chief post now were so angry after this incident, ( now he has become elder, to me he is just power hungry chief all politicians should be kicked out of the bcci camp let cricketers run, i know i am deviating but still.)
my point is what is media doing on as india breathes cricket so media keeps on showing any stuff related to cricket be it shoaib slapping woolmer talking shit about greg's wife, and over hyping the Australians act

usg said...

I think its our tendency to call every other politician "power hungry chief" , not that I disagree but to the Australians he was a foreign dignatory, and should have been taken for one and if they didnt know who he was, they still knew he was an elder person to them, so they should have behaved.
Instead they nudged him out, making a statement that " they need not adhere to needless presentation ceremonial etiquettes" which quite frankly stinks of filthy arrogance.
They are the most invulnerable cricketing team in the history and youth all over the world is emulating them, knowing this, they did not set a very sound example.
and as far as media hype is concerned, I think all media folks are sunsofbitches.. the best example is Pepsi's ads, they want to rise the blue billion in india and to sell their stuff in pakistan they condemn the same blue billion..pissers..