Thursday, November 23, 2006

Ooh aah India hara India

The great batting line up (on paper it really looks good) tumbled once again in Durban, getting bowled out for 91 and in process making the lowest score for India in one dayers in SA. One saving grace for india was that Ntini was not in the top form otherwise making half century would have been difficult (50/10).

It was only Sachin and to some extend Dravid who were able to face the chin music for some time, rest all were getting out like they were hungry and wanted
to eat their maggi being cooked in the pavillion. Zaffer(0) ,Raina (1) Bhajji (1) ,Mongia(1) ,Agarkar(6) , Z.Khan(1) were the hungriest of all getting out under 7. Other reason can be they may have been any appointment for endorsing any new thing like selling coke,pepsi or some hair gel etc.

Earlier SA made a solid 248 thanks to classy century by Kallis with some support by de Villiers, Boucher, Nel. Munaf Patel bowled well giving away only 39 in his 10 overs.

This batting line up can hardly win India a world cup. Raina has no idea how to play, sehwag throwing his wicket has become a habit, Dhoni is a subcontinent player. Get some experienced player like Laxman he can bat far better then raina, kaif (these guys save 15 runs each and they make under 10 score in every other match but I feel laxman can easily make 30-40 in a match so that is equal and will give some stability to the middle order and dravid could bat easily without taking tension of what will happen when I am out).

Go Players eat your maggi and sell aerated drinks, and shout oh ah India hara India .. you do these things better....... now it's not blue billion it's green (SA).

Share your views guys ... what do you think.........

Meanwhile ashes has started and Ponting has hit another century ..... Aus 346/3 after day one.


desh said...

three posts on the same topic

dk said...

thats our love for cricket desi
which u said was dying
no boss...its

dk said...


boss, ur post makes me feel that you were expecting a close match today
and the batting line up was not as strong as their bowling line up....there are a lot of loopholes...its hodge podge rite now....

nice post...i was entertained :)
spclly the pic

Anonymous said...

i knw the current situation but still being an heart says
Ooh aah India...
Fir aayega India ;)

digit said...

talking abt endorsements that our top of line players get themselves busy into, is not the case with all of those who were in playing XI. It was all about handling the condition. When SAF comes to India, ppl say we have advantage of spin. And in the other case, they have adv. of pace attack. To me, Cricket is game of analysis. Let me remind u, no other game provides u to analyze the playing condition and then adapt to it. The success we have got last year was mainly because the conditions were very much adaptive for our players. Thats what our selectors forgot, its experience which matters most than the age. Thats what they forgot, u can keep players like Ganguly, Laxman n Kumble out, but still u can't stop questioning ur attitude towards this selection. As Greg Chappell says, this Indian team has got talents, but so do every team. Thats what it takes to get selected to play for ur national team. But apart from that, they need a say, an experience that talks everything abt them. Dravid is a very different captain. He doesn't looks Greg's puppy to me. Rather he loves to put himself into stress situation. But he shud understand, that it won't be his day everyday. Having faith in Kaif n Raina is understood but atleast not on the cost of the bench that accounts to Laxman, Kumble n our own DADA.

Nitesh said...

agree with u khurana
regarding the laxman topic

we need to let youngsters play a lot more ranji
see hussey he scored 15K runs in local cricket and then hi was selected

dk said...

roger that digit...
diplomatic affirmation :)

Nitesh said...

i was not expecting a close match
where i have written that

but i was not expecting a thrashing

enginerd said...

And they said Laxman was a slow batter. By the way, just how many overs did our young guns play out?? 30, was it???

Tell you what, Laxman and Dada are better than your Kaif, Raina, Mongia any day.

Bhavesh said...

i agree dat laxman and dada need to comeback.. but i dont think dat endorsements is the problem here.. wht a player does wid his personal time is not our concern.. the game runs bcoz it makes money.. every indian kid at one point or another in his life aspires to be a cricketer.. this craze for cricket is wht makes it hot.. problem is not wid endorsements.. problem is with the professionalism of the players.. also, mayb india is playin too much cricket and thr is too much pressure on the players.. they shud b given some form of job assurance (not a place on the team, but the contracts need further modifications and more players need to be brought under this) and their pay shud b linked to their performance(variable and fixed component).. thus they wont hv to worry abt bein thrown out of the team.. at the same they dont get paid high if they dont perform enuf.. accountability is needed.. camps hv been formed.. professionalism that was brought by dalmiya is goin down the drain!
cricketers shud not be asked to slow down on endormsements.. the board has to take steps to prevent the companies from screwin wid da game..

Anand said...

"the game runs bcoz it makes money..."
"problem is not wid endorsements..."
"cricketers shud not be asked to slow down on endormsements.. "

No surprises, these come from Bhavesh :P

But then, I completely agree with Bhavesh. Cricket isn't the only sport that has endorsements and our stars aren't the only ones who are obscenely highly paid. Professionalism, as Bhavesh said, is the key.