Monday, March 2, 2009

Quiz on Kapil Dev

Since I am reading his autobiography and getting insight into his life so here are few questions about him for cricket fans.

Q1. What is Kapil Dev's Nick Name?
Q2. Kapil played for very famous club in India to promote a sport other then cricket. Name the club?

Q3. Kapil made his debut against which team and under whose captaincy?
Q4. Kapil used to practice with a cricketer in Chandigarh whose son is now playing for India. Name the cricketer and his son also?

Try these :-)

I will write about his autobiography 'Straight from the heart' in a day or two.


giri said...

q1. haryana hurrican

q2. mohan bagan???

q3. against england under gavaskar?

q4. yograj and yuvraj singh?

nitesh said...

2 answers are wrong

nitesh said...

i am talking about his pet name in hisfamily

Raja said...

1. No idea

2. Mohan bagan

3. Pakistan , Bishen Singh Bedi

4. Ofcourse Giku is right

nitesh said...

first answer is 'kuckoo' mast name hai :)

mohan bagan
pakistan bishen singh bedi
yograj and yuvraj - there were 2 other players from chandigarh in their time - chetan sharma and ashok malhotra