Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Curious Case of Virendra Sehwag

I have been following cricket (religiously) now for around 18 years. I guess Hero Cup was my first tryst with this beautiful game (sorry football). Now there are hell lot of guys whose careers have gone through a lot during this period , but one person who continues to baffle me today as it used to do about 10 years ago is Virendra Sehwag.
First of all few facts, he is the only Indian to make 2 triple hundreds, boast of 50+ average in test cricket ( 50 is usually the thin line used to differentiate between good and greats batsmen) , scores run at strike rate of above 75% in Test Cricket (read Sir Geoffery Boycott , and SMG ) and above 100 in both ODI and T-20 Cricket and many more things.

“Virender Sehwag is a primal talent whose rough edges make him all the more appealing.”

This is what Cricinfo says about Sehwag. But doesn’t u think the time has come to sharpen up these rough edges a bit. No I m not saying this because today we lost a pretty close match and I m feeling damm frustrated about that ( ya I bunked FM class for that, albeit how much how much I would have understand in case I would have attended it is altogether a different matter). But still I just don’t understand what the problem with him is. Last match he smacked 4 sixes in 10 balls and then got bowled of a perfectly normal ball. Today 24 of 10 balls and then holing out to mid-off . Now by no mean any disrespect to NZ bowlers, but I feel that for a batsmen a wicket is a holy grail , it should be earned , not to be thrown away , be it any form of cricket Test , ODI , T-20 , Hong Kong super Sixes or whatever . But why the hell in the world he can’t realize that simple thing , especially so when you open the inning and the whole world knows that if Viru stays for 15 overs he guarantees himself a nice chance to get his average up and India a wonderful opportunity to win. Simply speaking there should be a method in madness, he should be made to realize that bhai you are not a normal person , you have an extraordinary talent , you are damm important to Indian Cricket, all the opposition captains in the world know that, why don’t u try to bring a bit of rationality into your batting , and yes trying never kills.
Ohh I am feeling a bit relieved now , (old Gandhian principal of taking out your frustration ) anyway I still feel that India will win the ODI and the Test Series pretty comfortably , they have got too much talent and skill to lose out on that .


Ottayan said...

Sehwag tend to frustrate us all with his seeming lackadaisical attitude.

However, I believe he should continue with the way he is playing.

Sravan said...

Yeah you are very correct Sehwag irritates me too sometimes with his easy going attitude....nice blog...wanna do link exchange with my blog

giri said...

"bhai" nice post.......but i kind of disagree on some points..... u r saying to sehwag "bhai...dont play your natural game. restrain yourself and play till the 15th over."

and if sehwag says "ok raja"

and if lets say he faces 45 out of the 90 balls and scores 50 or 55 (to expect sehwag to score 70 off 45 balls with a restrained game would be unreasonable to say the least).... and india ends up scoring 150-160 in 20 overs, its not of much use........

chal bye.....

Raja said...

@ giku -- "bhai" i m nt saying dont play ur natural game....
play ur natural game with a thinking cap on...something of an inning which he played against SL , guess 3rd ODI...he scored 117 odd runs and india scored 340 inspite of slowing down in last few overs..

My observation watching him bat in T-20 is that, may be he is confused about how to pace his inning ..gues she missed those 8 over games we used to have in college

@ sravan -- thanx for appreciation dude...i would love to do link exchange with ur blog...but the only question is how??