Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lt Col Kapil Dev

There are very few cricketers who have admirers across all the age group.  Kapil Dev and Sachin I know only. I was born after India had lifted their world cup at Lords in 1983,  sadly I was not born at the auspicious time when Kapil Dev lifted the cup, I am not that lucky as Zoya (Zoya Factor) . I have hazy memories of Kapil playing, he was more of a hard hitting batsman and loved the back side of the wicket in scoring runs.  He has brought laurels to the country and still some morons in BCCI who I think will not be even aware of all the rules of cricket have stopped his pension and tried to malign his image in the world.

Kapil is one cricketer who goes on his own path and sticks to it. He doesn't follow the easy path which other retired cricketers have followed. He choose ICL and he has got decent success in just two years taking into point the opposition ICL has received.  BCCI stopped pensions of Kapil Dev and other cricketers who joined the ICL which is very shameful as they have given much more then what they received back. These cricketers (organisers) who have joined ICL are not from the rich states of India like Mumbai , Delhi etc, most are from small cities who have struggled and faced hardships.  India is a big country if England have 2-3 football leagues with huge fan following why can't one billions plus india have 2 cricket leagues. 

Other cricketers should be thankful to ICL as its because of Kapil Dev and company they are getting higher salaries now , ranji and national level both. Pioneers always have to struggle but they make the path for coming generations easy. This is what Kapil Dev and Zee has done for other cricketers.

Kapil has taken another bold step in October last year when he joined territorial army. There couldn't be any better person to join the army, he has inspired and motivated others always through his work. Last week he was involved in the training camp of the army.
When you see 50 year old training, trying to do something for the country you really feel motivated. 

During training he said :
I am feeling a complete Indian now. It is emotional to wear this uniform. I like to serve my country and that`s the focus point.

In 1983 after lifting the cricket world cup Kapil inspired millions towards cricket and now at the age of 50 he is inspiring millions to join army which is already facing shortage. I feel he should do one more thankless job by joining the politics. Such credentials of a political leader would be envy of all. He is  a true leader and India needs leaders like Kapil.

Paaji tussi great ho :)

 I have ordered his autobiography: Straight from the Heart.  Will read it and write about it.

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