Monday, March 9, 2009

India - Pakistan Rivalry will no longer the same

All of us remember Ajay Jadeja smashing Waqar Yunis all around the ground , Venkatesh Prasad showing Aamir Sohail direction of pavillion after getting him bowled, India loosing test match by 12 runs after Sachin got out. There are many such countless memories related to India and Paksitan matches.

Pakistan is the place where we got two great cricketers of all time. Kapil Dev made his debut under Bishen Singh Bedi in Pakistan and Sachin Tendulkar smashed great abdul quadir in the same country to signal his arrival in the cricketing world. 

Saeed Anwar smashed Indian bowling specially Anil Kumble all around to make 194 highest run score in ODI till now. No one can forget Anil Kumble taking perfect ten against our arch rivals at Kotla. People of Lahore and Pakistan in all welcoming the Indians when cricketing ties resumed after 12 years in late 90's. 

These are the memories which will come to every cricket lover mind when India Pakistan topic is thrown open. 

But things have changed in the past few years. India-Pakistan rivalry is no longer the same. We enjoy India-Australia and Australia-SA now. Pakistan is no longer the travelling destination for 
cricket teams. There are many cricketers who in their entire careers never travelled to that nation. Matthew Hayden is one of them. 

Pakistani players are no longer the same as they used to be before. They are portraying the changing mindset of the nation. My cricket loving elders never saw Pakistani players doing namaaz on the ground, having long beards. Imran Khan , Waqar Yunis and Majid Khan they all used to be clean shaven and they never mixed religious sentiments with gentleman's game. In the past 5-6 years we have seen cricketers with longish beards , starting their talks with long religious gestures, reflecting the true picture of pakistan. I am not saying its is wrong to be religious but it should be balanced properly with the game. 

We all know Pakistan is living in medieval times now. How some morons who potray themselves as saviour of Islam are ruining the nation. Women rights are no longer the same, I just heard in news that giving voter id cards to women is unislamic to certain extremists. 

Relationships no longer will be the same. Rivalry will never be the same again. India has moved far ahead of its neighbours both socially and economically. I dont see any one having the same emotions and feelings while watching India-Pakistan match if it ever takes place in future. 

Same thing might have happened during Russia-USA cold war era. No American can forget Bobby Fisher, but as America started moving ahead emotions were no longer the same.

We also now in the same stage we know that Pakistan is now a failed state waiting to erupt. Some people may say common public in Pakistan have suffered at the hands of failed army and politicians. But I believe general public is also at fault. What is elite educated class doing there, what are students doing there. Not all students are into this extremism thing. Pakistan needs a revolution and only students can bring that now. I am not going into details of whom to blame.

Point is sports between India-Pakistan will no longer be the same

I think you all will agree to this. 


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giri said...


no longer the same........ no anwar, no kumble, no sohail, no srinath.....

but....... too much cricket, too much ODI cricket, unplanned scheduling are to blamed as well......

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