Friday, March 6, 2009

IPL 2 : After Lahore Attacks :: Going Outside India ?

Attacks on Sri Lanakan cricketers have put clouds on IPL 2009. Investigations are going on in Lahore attacks, Umpires and Refree have questioned the security being provided to them. Chris Broad has said that they were left stranded when attacks we on. I saw CCTV footages on Indian News channels and was shocked to see how freely terrorists were moving towards their destination  without being stopped.  
Pakistan was quick to put blame on foreign hand as they always do. But these attacks has put doubts on the minds of players regarding playing in subcontinent. Some players have come out and said that they would not let terrorism win and they will play.

But there is a bigger problem Indian politicians and Government Of India. Respectable home minster raised the doubt by saying that he wants the event to be shifted after the elections. Other minsters and state governments came out and said , it would not be possible to provide safety cover during the elections. 

It came as a shocker to me , country of one billion plus don't have enough security personals to handle events during elections time. No this is not the reason actual reason which is bothering in the minds of our respectable politicians is that of limelite. 
During the IPL 2009 politicians feel that actual show will be carried out by cricketers not the the candidates.  So this might the fear in their minds. But these people dont understand that by questioning the security cover they are putting the long term perspective of India as a sports destination as a tourist destination in doubt.

When a country government says that they cant provide the security cover, what would anyone can expect from foreign country, will they send their players, tourists in the subcontinent? No
Think please politicians think for India atleast.  Why would they think as they need Z,Z+ etc covers?

IPL 2009 dates can be rescheduled as they are being done, but postponing is out of question. Matches can be held in catchment areas. If still Indian government and state government dont angry then Lalit Modi has rightly said that he will shift the IPL 2009 outside India to UAE or UK.

If IPL is cancelled or postponed or shifted outside, it will be a huge loss for the Indians. Around 1000 crores are at stake in the second season. 

Time is for us to put brave front and say we can host it and provide adequate security cover to Indians and Foreign Players both. 

What do you feel friends :-)


Raja said...

well said luthre...ur politician insecurity theory is totally innovative and mindblowing one....
but i guess more than that i feel the fact that for the first time cricketers are directly atttacked is playing more on the mind of home ministry..i don't feel they have the confidence of providing security to 6 teams for a period of 45 days..especially when u know that cricket venues are usually soft target...
anyway its a pathetic situation to be more than the attack itself, the impact of the attack is demoralizing , and it takes away the prevalent notion that sportsmen will never be targeted....

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