Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mumbai Attacks : England Tour and Champions League Under Threat

Used to attack the Indians specially mumbaikars witnessed one of the deadliest attack in the monthly occurring event in India. Yes the attacks are almost monthly or bimonthly in India last being in Assam before that Delhi, Ahmadabad and Bangalore , please see we don't count small attacks in which 1-2 people are killed as they are regular events in India where slowly and gradually the patience of common public is nearing its end. I think the day is not far when we see movie's 'A Wednesday' kind of scenario in real life.

Is the life of common man or our guest that is the tourists in this case so cheap that any body can kill them. In Yesterday's attack hotels in which tourists are staying are attack.

The motive which I see in this case is to make India a unsafe place for visits as Pakistan is right now. Frequent terrorists attacks have made India unsafe for its own citizens leave the foreigners aside.

England current tour and the upcoming champions league cricket tournament is on risk of getting postponed or canceled. I laughed when there were news in media that India is considering canceling the upcoming tour of Pakistan due to security reasons . There is an old saying in Hindi "people whose own houses are made of glass they shouldn't throw stones at other houses ".

Politicians who according to me are part of problem drive in vip security having allotted many guards , black cat commandos assigned to them for their security, and the aam junta is left to loiter around die here and there in bomb attacks.

Middlesex cricket team has cancelled its flight to mumbai and England cricket team will surely not fly to mumbai for the test match. England was to stay in Hotel Taj for the mumbai test match. Cricket Australia decided to suspend all travel to India while it takes security advice.
England is now in urgent talk with BCCI regarding the tour.

An official from the Board of Control for Cricket in India said:
"This has been a terrible day for India but at the moment it's far too early to talk about cancelling England's tour or the Champions League."

Tour may be cancelled or may be not, it all depends whether security is given more weightage or the rewards of earning money in Indian in champions league few days will clear this picture.

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