Wednesday, November 19, 2008

High Definition CL T20 by Espn Star Sports

As we know ESPN-Star has paid a whooping 1 billions USD for 10 year contract for broadcasting champions league t20 cricket. It is spending a lot on promotion of the event also.

Another first for Indian sporting event is for the first time the telecast of the event will be in High Definition (HD). According to IndiaTelevision news ESS will be using 34 cameras to cover the event which are maximum ever used to cover any cricket match.

There will be new range of graphics for stats for enhancing the viewing experiences and above all mozart of east A R Rahman is composing different types of anthems for events.

Here are the few promos. I tried a lot to find them on you tube but was unable to

Champions League T20 Revolution
Champions League T20 Logomation
Champions League T20

Lot more are on air now a days.

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