Monday, November 24, 2008

HT Summit - Rahul Dravid & Michael Vaughan : Control Agents

So here comes the 250th post on this blog.

I was following the summit to some extent and but to my bad luck missed listening to two great stalwarts of test cricket Rahul Dravid and Michale Vaughan. It was different look all suited up with many sportsman in the audience also including gold medalist Rahul Bindra.

They both expressed their concern in the growing commercialization of twenty20 and danger of test cricket loosing its identity. Vaughan was the first to start and he said that there is a need to modify the rules of the test cricket so that its supremacy can be preserved.
"Youngsters these days are more committed to Twenty20, I feel," Vaughan said.

Dravid was not concerned about the present generation regarding the twenty20 cricket as he said we all have grown up watching test matches so deep in our hearts we know this is real cricket but the worry is about the coming generations say 4-5 years down the line.

Dravid said that
There'll be many choices and it'll be interesting to see youngsters' choices and decisions then. That is why the decisions we take now will tell the fate of Test cricket in years to come,"
Dravid also raised the point of growing role of agents or scouts in cricket. He said that though most companies help a player concentrate on his game, but influence of some unscrupulous ones needs to be checked.
He said we need to do something on the patterns of English premier league so that youngsters are not brought into the commercial cricket at very young age and that may divert their area of focus.

In the end dravid praised Bindra for being so level headed in victory which every one should learn.

Dravid quotes-

While everybody was going berserk, when the interviewer asked you why aren't you more excited by your achievement, you merely said, 'what's to get excited about. I was excited when I shot the gold.' That was so right, you made us all proud."

I enjoyed listening to great people from Sanjay dutt to Dravid.

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