Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Let the Twenty20 party begin

Cheer Girls , beers , loud music and much more we can expect when the Twenty20 carnival begins today in South Africa. This day will mark the beginning of new era in cricket, Kerry Packer revolutionized the cricket in 1977 bringing in colored clothing, day-night matches and stump microphone.

Till now the Twenty20 was taken lightly as time pass game as you can see in the image which is the first Twenty20 international match between Aus and NZ

But when the cup is at stake you cannot expect any one to be complacent. This world cup will not be like the WestIndies failure where the stand were empty because of high ticket prices set by ICC , tickets are cheap here in South Africa and almost all are sold out.

There is still doubts as to whether who brought this mini version of ODI - South Africa or England, but South Africans reckon themselves way ahead of others as they have a Pro20 league running in the 4th year now. We don't worry for that its a win win situation for cricket to spread to new areas like USA , China etc.

People expected that the test cricket will loose its significance with the advent of 50 over ODIs, but they were proved wrong as the ODI format also did wonders to the test as the team played fast as in ODI mode and we were seeing lot more results in the tests. But this Twenty20 cricket has the full capability the lessen the significance of 50 overs matches.
There is excitement in it, there are sixes and fours and this is what the crowd want. This fact is proven by the packed houses in the South African Pro20 and English Twenty20 championships.

But the format is yet to come to the commercial capital of cricket which is India and if it is hit in India then you know we can expect more tight scheduling by the ICC with more and more Twenty20 matches being incorporated. Ideally this should not happen, but this is not the time to talk stuff like this.

Now is the time to cut loose and enjoy the spirit of cricket
Get your popcorns pizzas etc near your seat for the 3 hour matches and 3 matches a day in many cases.

This time India is not in the favorite who ever win but one thing is for sure we all will enjoy this World Cup :)

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