Thursday, August 30, 2007

Chak Diya India Ne

In a rarest of rarest delight for Indian football fans India lifted the Nehru cup after defeating Syria a very high ranked team 39 places to be precise (another rare for India). This is the first time India has lifted the Nehru cup in total 13 attempts.

All are saying that the face of Indian football will change with this, I don't think this even in my dreams.

Era of Indian football when it came 4th in Olympics in 1956 will never come back in the coming 60-70 years I am damn sure about it. But all kudos to the coach Bob Houghten for doing such good work for Indian football.

p.s This is the 200th post though posts in the past month has decreased considerably as all are busy but still we have crossed the 200 barrier in less than a year time

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