Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Captain Saga

Rumors are rife in the market regarding Sachin being made the test captain and dhoni the ODI captain. Captaining the Indian cricket team is one of the toughest job in the world because of the pressure it brings with it.
Dravid has resigned and I respect his decision a lot, infact it is a good slap on the mismanaged BCCI. They might have kicked him after a year or two, so a good decision time for him to enjoy his game and try to win the series downunder.

So now what options we have

Saurav Ganguly : Both for ODI and Test
Pros : One of the most successful captain of India
Very aggressive

Cons: Captaincy can effect his form
Doesn't have the respect from the players which was there 3-4 years earlier

Should say no for captaincy if offered and let his record of most successful captain stay intact


Pros: Has huge respect from the team
Can lead from front with his fine batting

Cons: Past 2 failures

He has said no to the ODI captaincy but I think he is ready for Tests captaincy. In the past 2 occasions this role affected his batting, he should not take the role of captain and with the last tour of Australia of all the three stalwarts he should try to end on a winning note i.e a series victory in Australia.

Kumble : For Tests

Pros: Real Fighter bigger then the above three you all will agree
Team man
Has not been given his due for the services he has done for the Indian cricket

Cons : I don't find any

Kumble should be made the Test captain in my opinion

Laxman can be the dark horse but his batting form is a big drawback

Now ODIs'

Dhoni :

Pros: Age .. can lead India for the coming 6-7 years

Cons: Inexperience (though Smith was also made when he was 21)
His batting (I doubt he can win matches for India outside India)


Pros: Age
Batting.. for the past 1.5 years he has shown fine batting display so can lead from front

Cons: Not a permanent player in test side ... but we should understand that when the stalwarts
will retire he will be the backbone of India in Test cricket

I am not able to understand why his name is not being considered

Yuvraj for ODI and Kumble for Tests from my side

Share your views ...



desh said...

dada banenge

i voted for him 5 times :)

nitesh said...
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giri said...

dada sux in tests.....kumble might retire any time by elimination.....sachin ........

giri said...

dhoni is fine in odis.....yuvraj is too arrogant for me.......and he is the sort of guy who might take things for granted........

nitesh said...

sachin sux as captain giri
whole world know about this

giri said...

dude.....even i knw sachin's record as captain is bad......but out of the best eleven players.....i think sachin is the best option......

you can not have a player only if he is a good captain(reference to dada).....ok he played well in england in tests......but according to me he never was a good test player and he aint one now either......