Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Cricket has Reborn

Alok really nice post

But I don't totally agree with you. Cricket can never me murdered though this Twenty20 is driven mostly by commercialization and to spread this game to hugely profitable markets like USA.

But you should understand that with time we need to evolve continuously i.e. we need to modify and change the rules to suit the game for the interests of crowd/audience, see how the off side rule in hockey was scrapped even football has seen major changes to make it more fast and attacking. If we don't accept change the game in this case or in general case the interest will die.

Take for example the case of Sanskrit language, the language didn't excepted the change i.e. if you pick Sanskrit of today and compare it with that of 100 years ago you will find very less change and this has lead to its downfall, how many people do you know who speak the oldest language.

You said temperament will not be tested mind games will not be played if you had watched yesterday's first game you must have seen how Smith was mobilizing his fielders when gayle was on a rampage, Twenty20 game will bring more alertness agility and will demand more from the captains, there is no doubt in my mind that Twenty20 will overtake the 50 over format soon.

But alok cricket will never die, if a player is a good test player he will be a good player in ODI and even Twenty20. Test cricket will always be there for the die hard cricket fans but I agree will you that the coming generation will not like the test cricket this is similar to kids liking King Khan more then the Big B.
Alok said
I used to love the game. Not sure anymore.
Wait till the whole tournament gets over.

But I am sure you will agree that 50over was getting boring, this format will bring in more countries and expand the cricket. In this flat world you cannot ignore the globalization and cricket has to be globalized and Twenty20 is the way which can do that.
Otherwise it will remain the favorite of only those people who have 8-10 hours free to watch the game and in future nobody will have that time even now we don't have enough time



Saurabh said...

look the last line of giri's post.You are arguing with wrong person

nitesh said...

mistake corrected