Monday, January 22, 2007

Ooooooooohhhhhhh wat a FINISH !!

It's Henry with the head...into the nets..and thats 2-1 to Arsenal...the ManU fans cant believe it....

Arsenal fans had a reason to smile though their team was put on the back foot by their opponents earlier in the game.

Manchester United started off well trying to create chances in the initial part of the first half, but not after much time switched to a defensive approach.

The first half saw some good shots countered by some equally good goal keeping, especially by Lehmann in the injury time after the first half.

The start of the second half showcased the rising energy levels of players from both the sides and it was in the 53rd minute when Ronaldo's pass sent Evra away down the left who curled it in the box followed by a brilliant header from the United Striker Rooney putting his side upfront..
ManU 1 Arsenal 0..

Arsenal tried hard to get back into the game but failed to get past the United defence. Rosicky fired in shots from outside the box at several occasions but all flew away from the goal. It seemed that despite all the hard work Arsenal would not be able to equalize.

Arsenal fans had some hope when v.Persie came in as a first substitute replacing Hleb.

It was in the 83rd minute when Fabregas whipped in a cross and Henry dummied it to v.Persie, who scored the much needed equalizer..
ManU 1 Arsenal 1

Man fans seemed disappointed unaware that there was more in store for them.

The game was heading towards a draw with ManU getting to extended their lead over Chelsea to seven points.

But it was in the last minute of the 4 minutes injury time when

"It's Henry with the head...into the nets..and thats 2-1 to Arsenal...the ManU fans cant believe it...."

Thierry Henry directed Eboue's cross with a powerful header into the nets giving van der Sar no chance and it was ManU 1 Arsenal 2...

Ooooooooohhhhhhh wat a FINISH !!

Image Source : FOX Sports and espnstar

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