Monday, January 22, 2007

Guru Greg Slapped

Big Brother : Chappell : Media : Indian Common Man.

Indian Cricket obsession reached new heights when Indian Coach Greg Guru was slapped outside the Bhubaneshwar airport . The man was later arrested and he belongs to a group called ' Kalinga Sena' . The reasons for the alleged misconduct by the activist is not yet known. After this incident team is advised not to leave the hotel premises.

Is this how we take care of our guest , where is our upanishda and vedic boasting gone 'athithi devo bhav' . Few days back we created a hoopla over the racist comment on bollywood actress Shilpa Shety in money churning reality show by the house mates. We Indians felt hurt , pain in the heart how can anybody say this to us ( at that time Shilpa was supposed to be representing the India ( public thought) ) an Indian citizen of future super power country. Our totally free MP's who have no other work to do was also found commenting on it , visit of Brown was wasted he was made to feel embarresed. Common India there are lots of other important things to do , don't waste time on such things atleast not days but who will request our honourable media who is obsessed with making an ant an Elephant, because it has no other issues to discuss to show to its viewers for the 24 hours.

Imagine the scenario when Australian PM making a big hue and cry about India , a country who don't take care of its guest , and their media making the same hooo haa as our India media has done. Australians comming on streets burning effiges of BCCI supremo and others.......

Now I am hundred percent sure if you swich on to the news channels you will find ex-cricketers and other experts discussing the Chappell incident and this will continue for whole day, and if they by any chance be able to interview chappel the question will be 'how are you feeling'.
In this post I am correlating the Big Brother - Chappell and Media and Indian common man Philosphy and trying to stress that now media should grow and look beyond India , why can't we have a combined news channel covering the whole south east Asia or even bigger scenario the whole Asia just like Al-Zazeera of the Arab World. When will we have Indian version of BBC and CNN.

Now watch chappell incident on news :(

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