Monday, January 22, 2007

Great Weekend

It was wonderful weekend for all sports bluff. Great Football Action from EPL, Australian Open and then last but not the least DADAGIRI is back.
Now starting with my own favorite Football two great matches and two quite unexpected results which i hope will open up the league. The greatest scenario when the title will be decided in last week. However MANU inspite of this defeat is still very much in command with 6 point separating them and there nearest contender Chelsea FC which at the moment is looking in total disarray. There inspirational captain JT is injured and without him there defence looks like conceding every time opposition attack. And as if injuries are not enough, with Chelsea you always got some melodrama without additional cost. This time the cast are Mourinho,as, as always the lead protagonist, Abramovich who don’t really know what his problem is and poor chap Shevchenko who i feel has just got struck between these two people. Whatever is the result of this mangling but i just don’t want to see that Sven Goran Erickkson guy to manage Chelsea. Next In comes my beloved Liverpool now just 5 points behind Chelsea and playing good Football. I think the important thing to be noted is that they have already played most of there difficult away matches and in Anfield even my dictators will agree that Liverpool are difficult to defeat. Arsenal too are on a kind of roll and with Henry back maybe they are the team to watch out for, but how much Van persie injury, who is arguably there Best player this season, affect them remains to be seen and lastly MANU still leading by 6 points and playing quite an attractive Football. So inessentia its still a two horse race, but who knows 2 or 3 more such weekend and we will be in for some real delight.
Next in Line comes the years first grand slam Australian Open and for probably the first time in the history of tennis people are more curious to find out who will be the Runner up. Such is the overwhelming dominance of KING FEDERER. That guy even when not playing at his cent percent still wins most of the matches in straight set. So is there anyone who can stop him. My bet is with A-Rod, ever since he has got Jimmy Connors as his coach he is a different player and then coming through grueling matches like that against Safin always bolsters ones confidence. Well if everything goes according to plan then they will be meeting in Semi-Finals. That match will be a treat to watch and i will be firmly sitting in Roddicks Corners. Coming to women’s draw most of the Indian have stopped following it as our Darling Sania has already crashed out.Atleast it has saved lots of people from the agony of rising early in such Chilly Winter Mornings. Jokes apart for me Serena Williams is the one to watch for. She is making a comeback and if she is fit she is quite an handful player. Still women’s draw is quite an open one with lots of good players still in. Let’s see what happen.
Next, Our National Obsession Cricket, i can’t really forget it. Well it was a good start to the one day series against WI, but still not without a scare. Since i didn’t actually saw the match so no comment on any individual, but not discussing DADA will amount to an insult to this Great Fighter. Man this guy might not have the technique or any other material thing but he has got one thing in abundance i.e. GUTS ability to fight it out till the end. My take is DADA will be a big success in World Cup. As i am wondering how can we discuss cricket without even a hint of World Cup and that too about Team Selection. The probables list is already out and there are no real surprises, the real fun will begin when this list will be pruned to 15 players. The player who is the hot topic right now is Virendra Sehwag,somehow i have the feeling that this break will do wonders for him. I don’t think selectors will take the risk of dropping him or even Irfan Pathan .Both of them are quite central to India’s plans at the world cup.
That all i have to offer right now. I will try to be back very soon and Off Course if Super MOD Nitesh Luthra keeps inspiring me i will back very soon.

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