Monday, January 29, 2007

FedEx-King Of Tennis

Sports are said to be characterized by unpredictability be it Cricket, Football or any other game. Infact it is this fickleness of sporting world which always keep us attracted towards games. Remember Bangladesh defeating Australia last year, we were all so happy not because we ‘r big Bangladeshi fans but we want the aussies to be defeated. Now the question arises why we want them to be defeated, probably we don’t want the Cricket to become monotonous, dominated by one nation who keeps on steamrolling others. I think same thing is happening to tennis but with a difference, the domination of the King has an artistic touch to it so beautiful and melodious that it can be compared with Beethoven’s symphony.

Everytime I watches Federer play I just thought can this man ever had an off day. Mind you Roddick was playing well before he met Federer who just annihilated him. It was nothing but cold blooded destruction; you can just look at the expression of helplessness on Roddick’s face. He just can’t do anything. Coming to next match in Finals,Gonzales played very well but I always got the feeling that there is only winner. Or in Vijay Amritraj Star Sports Commentator words Gonzales was always on the backfoot be it serving, receiving or any aspect of the game. Federer’s shot selection, anticipation, court coverage is just awesome. He just makes the game looks so simple.
Now comes the big and inevitable question which arises every time Federer wins a Grand slam. Is he the best ever player world has seen??

My views on that are quite simple you can’t compare players from different era. Bjorn Borg is different from Pete Sampras who in turn is different from Federer (Forgot me I don’t know much about the other great champ Rod laver).what I feel is that you can’t judge a people alone on the number of grand slams he has won, we have to look at several other aspects too like the competition he faces at that time technology available on that era, all these things do count too. For example is Roddick, Nadal, Blake or Gonzales comparable to Aggasi, Ivanisevic (who on grass is a wonderful player) Edberg, Becker, Courier and lots of other name? May be or may be not, I am not saying that these players can defeat Federer but still you never know. Just Imagine Federer playing with a wooden racket against fired up John McEnroe in Wimbledon Center Court, well I would be the last person to predict the result.

So the thing is quite simple enjoy Tennis and forget about all other thing and as the Tennis Australia President said “All the Best Rogers for the French Open”

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digit said...

well thr were two person who gave post match speech. One was Tennis Australia President and other one i can't recall. But it was the latter one who said BOL to Federer for Rolland Garros :P (just tipping)

nitesh said...

i wish this year he completes the grand slam
winning the french open
he is god

digit said...

truly said: Laver, the only man to have won two calendar Grand Slams in 1962 and 1969, was banned from entering the amateur-only grand slams from 1963 to 1967 after turning professional.
Borg won his first slam at 18 and he retired at 26.