Thursday, June 14, 2007

Grand Prix of India

India is finally looking to other sports apart from the religion which Indians follow 'cricket'.
IOA president Mr. Suresh Kalmadi confirmed that it has reached an agreement with F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone to stage F1 in New Delhi in 2009.

But disheartening news is that the race would not be a street race as earlier expected. A new track would be laid
Mr Kalmadi said
"we are looking to identify suitable land for a world-class track. It's a touch task, but we're hoping to meet the challenge"

Ecclestone in his letter to the IOA said, "F1 authorises IOA to back and support the move to get the infrastructure ready. It will be IOA's responsibility to get the support of the Government of India, Delhi government and other government agencies to get a circuit constructed at a site which is acceptable to the Formula One administration."

This is the fifth new venue to be added in the past few months. Valencia and Singapore will hold street races in 2008 with new venue Korea. Abu Dhabhi will enter with India in 2009.

This race would be a big boost to India's tourism before the 2010 commonwealth game. I would love to be the part of history by watching the first race in New Delhi. Where ever I would be I will try to be there to watch the zooming cars.

Would India be able to host a successful F1, build the track on time a lot is needed in infrastructure? I am sure we will.

So get set for sporting action in the coming years. Now we need to get some footballing action, may be Arsenal or ManU coming down in India for exhibition match.

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