Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Five Sporting Wishes

Sports fans here are my 5 sporting wishes. I would love to do these in coming 5-10-15-20 years, I hope these moments would come much sooner.

1. Watching Formula one race in Monaco. I love street racing and Monaco is the best street circuit till now. Delhi is expected to have a track around the Janpath, but you know how much time it takes in India. But Monaco rules.

2. Watch the Wimbledon final, yes wimbledon not any another Grandslam tournament. 120 year old tournament has its own class and I would love to be at the centre court watching the final.

3. Emirates Stadium... Gunners home my favourite club and watching them play ManU at their home would be icing on the cake.

4. Match at Lords .. mecca of cricket. Though my interest in cricket is slowly dying but still sitting at the stands in Lords and watching arch rivals England take on Australia in the Ashes test would be great.

5. Fifa World Cup Final, i hope its between brazil and argentina.

I have written what are yours

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pradeep said...

1. Watching Sachin Tendulkar scoring a double century in an ODI against Pakistan in Sharjah.

2. Watching Tendulkar scoring a test triple hundred Vs Australia at Perth.

3. Watching Federer beat Nadal in the final of the 2008 French Open.

4. France beating Brazil in Maracana.

4. Watch the NBA final!! :)

nitesh said...

die hard sachin fan :)

Raja said...

1.Watching Liverpool vs Man Utd, last match of the season,both team on same point same goal difference , with Steven Gerrard scoring 94 min 40 yard scorcher to seal EPL title for Pool

giri said...

If I was allowed to go back in time

1) Sharjah'98 Ind vs Aus--league match

2)Sharjah'98 Ind vs Aus--final

3)WC'03--Centurion--Ind vs Pak

4)Dortmund--WC'06 semi final- Italy Vs Germany

5)Wimbledon final'01--Goran and Rafter

6)CL'03--Istanbul--Liv Vs Milan.

Saurabh said...

1. India inning cricket WC. just cant imagine hysteria,madness and news channels at that time.

2. Want to watch UCL final live in stadium
3.Want to watch football WC live in stadium
4. Want to watch wimbledon final in which federer wins in 5 sets.
5. Want to watch Sachin live in ground maulin the opposition as he used to do

nitesh said...

no F1 fans :(