Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The good.........the bad and..... the ugly


1996 Titan cup, Hyderabad - SA post 260 odd runs. India are 160 odd for 4 and in the hunt, when Ganguly is called back by cronje after he collided with the

Big old 'Fanie'. The South Africans do run him out, but Hansie(who is disliked by many, not so much by me) calls him back.

I think this is the one. The commentary is as funny as the incident itself


In the same series, the next match, India are in trouble chasing Australia's 210. Jadeja and Sachin help India recover from 47/4 and with the score around

120, the same thing happens to Jadeja which happened to Dada in the previous match. Steve Waugh though took the bails out and Mark Taylor had no intention of

calling back Jadeja. Considering some of the much more worse stuff that the OZs do, this one was more like a trailer to a 3-hr hindi movie. This is the same

match in which Kumble and Srinath put on 60 odd runs for the 9th wicket to help India to victory.


Vettori, one of the most under rated captain and player according to me, called back Collingwood after he wandered out of his crease and Mccullum hit the

stumps down.


And that was after Collingwood refused to call back Grant Elliot after this incident. Vettori, you are awesome. Collingwood?.......hmmmm.......I wont berate

him for this but.......

5) ......the ugly

srilanka india sehwag. The Randiv incident was ugly. He landed is front foot at the place where he normally would land his back-foot. He may be a 'nice lad',

''no malice guy'. But it would take a lot of convicing to prove this one was not deliberate.

But the funny thing is that, the balls faced by him increased by 1 for
having faced the no-ball, but he does not get the runs. That, to me,
is a flaw, in the rules and something for ICC to look at.

6) .....ugly

This was one of the most ridiculous ones......Slater caught Dravid on the half-volley, with the ball clearly bouncing off the pitch. Not only does he

celebrate, he then asks Dravid to walk, and when the 3rd umpire gives him not-out, he goes on an 'oz sledging mission' with dravid.......And to top it off,

he is now a commentator and comes on air and talks bout how people should not sledge.......Anyway, Slater gets away with it, with probably 10percent 'match

fee'. And when Gambhir sticks his elbow out to Watson, he gets a one match ban..........


This one is from the famous India Australia Sydney test in Jan 2008. Watch out for 4:01 and 4:56 in this

What is ridiculous about this is that umpire asks Ponting and Ponting says its out.......and the umpire gives him out.....WHAT THE @#$%!!

8) I remember a similar incident when Graeme Hick caught Rathore in India's 96 tour of England. Darrel Hair asks Hick, he says its out and the umpire gives

him out. I cant recall an incident where the umpire asks and Indian or a Pakistani if he took the catch.

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