Thursday, August 5, 2010

Football Transfers

This season the transfer market has been relatively quiet. There has almost been only name, which has been going arround in the transfer market. You know who! Our skipper FABREGAS.

Anyway, following are some transfers, which you might have missed

In: Chamakh, Koscielny
Out: Dudu, Gallas, Sol, Silvestre, Senderos, Merida

On the attacking front we've strengthened. Chamakh, with his aerial ability, strength and neat finishing is definitely a much batter player right now when compared to the low-on-confidence Eduardo. Merida's absence will not be felt as he played only a handful of games last season.

In the defense, there is definitely a net loss. Gallas, Sol and Silvestre may not be the best defenders arround. But the fact that we lost 3 of them and we bought only one instead is a cause for concern for the Arsenal fans. Djorou is coming back from a major injury, so we cant really count on him as a reliable backup.

In: Chicharito (little green bean), Smalling
Out: Foster, Tosic

Sounds like quiet transfer season for the gum-chewer and the Red Devils so far. But Chicharito has had a really good start to his Man U career. He had a good world cup and has been scoring for them in the International club-friendlies. I have never got a chance to watch Smalling. But I know that he was chased by Wenger and Fergie one time. So he must be good.


In: Kakuta, Benayoun, Ramires
Out: Ballack, Joe Cole

This is a "Net Gain" for Chelsea. I personally like Joe Cole more than Benyoun. But the English mid-fielder has had his share of problems at Chelsea (injuries, coach problems etc). But consiering that they also have Kakuta now, that makes them really strong on the wing. This Kakuta is the same guy for which there was that supposed "2 year ban" on Chelsea. I was delighted at that time. But I should have realized that it is Chelsea, and they would do anything to lift that ban. The ageing Ballack will be replaced by Ramires. Ramires is as strong as the German, and he also has the added ability to counter attack after breaking the opponents play.


In: Aurelio, Joe Cole, Jovanovic, Hodgeson
Out: Benayoun, Riera, Rafa

There is a net positive in the defence and probably a net zero in the attack for Liverpool. They also probably have a net positive in the staff, with the new coach. If I were a Liverpool supporter, I would be really concerned on the attacking front. There is too much reliance on few players. Injuries to any one of Gerrard, Torres or Cole (The last 2 being very susceptible to injuries) and pool could be in big trouble. If fit, then these 3 could be a major force.


In: Kolarov, David Silva, Yaya, Jerome Boateng,
Out: Martin Petrov

Almost in: Mario Balloteli
Almost out: Adebayor

Both the "almost"s are buffons. So there is a net zero over there. I hear that Ballotelli is almost as egoistic and greedy as the Togolese striker. So, those are not good signs for City fans as Manciini looks to sell Adebayor (Inter Milan is in the running for him. No wonder its that stupid Rafa Benitiz over there).

David Silva and Boateng looked good in the world cup. Yaya has come to Citeh on such a big prize tag, more out of his name and the club for which he played than his ability. Never heard of Kolarov before.
Despite the amount of money invested by them, there have not really been any major net gains for Manci(ty)(ni).


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