Saturday, June 5, 2010

Wally's woes and Nadal's Foes

Theo Walcott's omission in the 23-man squad has been the talking point ever since the squad has been announced. I, as much as an Arsenal fan I am, was not surpirsed at his non-selection. On current form, Lennon and SWP definitely pick themselves before the Arsenal rookie. Time is on his side though. Walcott is only about 21 now, and potentially has 2, of not 3, world cups to look forward to. Its funny, that he was in the squad to Germany in 2006 and now after 4 years he has been dropped.

Rafael Nadal has setup a clash with Soderling in a mouth watering men's final. It is kind of fitting that the guy who beat Federer plays Nadal in the final. It was a HARD fought match for Soderling, as he battled past the dogged Czech in 5 sets. It was much easier for Nadal as compared to the Swede, though he was made to stretch in the 3rd set by the Austrian, Melzer. Soderling and Nadal hate each other ( Last year, it was Soderling, who defeated Nadal in the French Open, in one of the upsets of the season. Both players are playing one of the best clay court, hard-hitting baseline tennis. If Nadal wins this, he goes number 1. If not, he stays second. It all adds up to the atmosphere. Nadal has a 60-40 advantage on paper. But alas, sport is not played on paper!

Meanwhile, Ferdinand and Drogba have been ruled out of their squads after suffering injuries. Ferdinand sufffered a recurrence of his back injury and Drogba 'broke' his arm. Ferdi's absence means the Tottenscum's Ledley King is likely to fill in for him. Considering King's inspirational performances towards the end of the season for the spuds, and Ferdinand's woeful defending off late (the goal he conceded to Bellamy of Man. City comes to mind immediately), the could be a blessing in disguise for England. Btw, who will be their captain now?
Lampard? Gerrard? Rooney?
I'll say the selectors will go for Lampard. Though it is funny to think that Terry is Lamp's skipper at Chelsea.

My boss, the Ivory Coast guy, says that Drogba's absence is also a blessing in disguise for the elephants. Apparently, Ivory coast play one-touch passing, ala the gunners and hardly put crosses into the box. A hardworker like Aruna Diadane might just be what the Ivorians want up-front.

China have beaten France in a world cup friendly. Though I dont read too much into the warmups. The french, very lucky to qualify for the WC'10, in the first place, are looking a jaded side. In a pool which includes the hosts Safricans, Uruguay and Mexico, I will not be surprised if they are eliminated in the first round.


nitesh said...

drogba , ferdinand gone and few more in news ... bad before the world cup

i dont know what the gunners are upto they have stabilized their finances now and decent cash flows coming in .. it is least debt ridden club in the EPL i feel. They should buy players now and its long time now since they have won anything

giri said...

As mush Arsenal I love......I want to see them win without buying BIG players.....I love Wenger's policy of making most of very little....... We must be patient...and the kind of squad we have.....I think once we start winning....we re going to win for 3 or 4 years continous....