Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Joe Cole to Arsenal? Hewitt beats Federer, Azzuri's opener

I'll start off with the most exciting news. claims that Joe Cole has "Signed A Contract To Join Arsenal After World Cup 2010". ("

Here are the clauses:
* free transfer
* Deal agreed in principal before player flew out to the World Cup
* England midfielder's move will be completed if he passes full medical
* Three-year, £80,000-a-week contract laden with incentives

I will not be suprised if this deal does not go through. It is not really a "Wenger" kind of signing. But then, I will be delighted if he does come. With the new Barca president pushing hard for Fabregas (, at people like Martin Keown saying that "Fabregas exit is inevitable", I am starting to fear the worst. If the "inevitable" does happen, then Joe Cole could play wide and Nasri could play in the position of Cesc.

Australian Lleyton Hewitt (just noticed that his name starts with two ls and ends with 2 ts), "fought" back to beat the world no.2, Foger Federer 3-6, 7-6,6-4, at the Halle grasscourt (warm up tournament for Wimbledon). This was Federer's 2nd loss since 2003. His record is now 76-2. The other loss was to Nadal in wimbledon 2008. So, here is again, is Roger Federer. At the same place where he was last year this time. On a losing streak, dethroned to no.2, critics asking "is this the beginning of the end?". I really hate to see this. Especially, comparing Roger with Sachin. when people talk BS about someone who has been one of the greats, achieved so much and does not need to prove anyone to anything anymore. If I were not a Roddick fan, I would be rooting for Federer in this Wimbledon.

It was a "mixed" day for the Azzuri,as they drew with Paraguay 1-1. It was a physical and a really fast game. Tackles flying and the ball going from one side to another in seconds. The Italians had a similar start in the '06 world cup, when they finished with 10-man against a 9-man US team 1-1!! This one, thought, was not as dramatic as that. Not, at least in terms of red cards. This was a very inexperienced looking Azzuri line-up, with the likes of Pirlo and Gattuso on the bench. Buffon, Cannavaro, Zambrotta and De Rossi were the only 4 starters who had also started in teh 06 world cup final. The Azzuri were dealt another blow, when Bufffon had to go off injured at half time. It required a mistake by the Paraguayan goalie, for Italy to come back into the match. Talking about Paraguayan goalies, does anyone remember that crazy guy, Chilavert? So, Italians now face New Zealand and then Slovakia. It is an easy pool, but I hope they dont mess up. Seeing what I saw today, they should be able to beat those two comfortably.

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