Thursday, June 5, 2008

McDonald's Fantasy Football

After playing IPL Fantasy League, lets now play the Euro Fantasy League. This one is simpler no need to substitute daily, one need to make team for stages. Team making is as easy as A.B.C .

I have made my team for Stage 1
Group Stage 1

Switzerland Czech Republic 7 Jun 18:00
Portugal Turkey 7 Jun 20:45
Austria Croatia 8 Jun 18:00
Germany Poland 8 Jun 20:45
Romania France 9 Jun 18:00
Netherlands Italy 9 Jun 20:45
Spain Russia 10 Jun 18:00
Greece Sweden 10 Jun 20:45

My Captain is Torres and favorite team is Spain :)

Following are the most selected players from the website

Player Team Sel
Cristiano Ronaldo Portugal 87,085
Torres Spain 75,569
Čech Czech Republic 64,260
Ballack Germany 49,155
Lahm Germany 48,036
Carvalho Portugal 45,937
Klose Germany 41,865
Evra France 40,707
Fàbregas Spain 37,406
Puyol Spain 34,607

Vivek Goyal aka Chakku has created the Daiict League on the website password is 121041-26198

So Lets fight it out :)

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