Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Chelsea-o-Chelsea , where's is my Manager


Lot has happened and is happening since the UEFA champions league finals. Chelsea billionaire owner Abramovich fired the successful Avam Grant even though he took Chelsea to the champions league finals which Jose couldn't. Chelsea have been successful in the past few years but still there is something missing in them which will make me like them. I am a gunners fan and i like ManU and Livepool also but that liking is not there for Chelsea even though they have great players and had a great manager as Mourinho.

Perhaps they need to market themselves and place themselves in the hearts of fans. Sacking of Jose and now Avam grant has lowered the
image of Chelsea. It seems to me that if the manager doesn't agrees to the owner he is fired. Or other case can be he is getting obsessed with the big silver cup which could have been there's in Moscow but not this time. Abramovich should realize that money can buy you everything but not respect and stature as other clubs command.

Now many managers are in fray for the top post at Chelsea. AC Milan's Ancelotti has said he is not interested, Sven-Goran Eriksson is off to Mexico, Scholari , Mancini , Rijkard are left in the fray or there may be any surprise. Guys at chelseablog are suggesting the name of Thomas Schaaf who is currently managing Werder Bremen in Germany.

I don't know who will be the manager but it should be one like Jose aggressive and attacking who can take this club to heights where the club become lovable by all. Wait for few days


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