Friday, May 11, 2007

Singapore Night F1

Its confirmed now , Singapore will become the first country to host F1 in night next year i.e 2008. It will be an street race scheduled to take place some where in September and October next year. This is the second country to be added in the ever growing F1 circuit, Valencia confirmed few days back its own street grand prix next year.

Ecclestone said

“I am very pleased to welcome Singapore to the Formula 1 family and we look forward to this exotic addition to the championship,”

“This will be the first fully lit street race in Formula 1.

“As a night race we anticipate it will quickly establish itself as one of the most dramatic and atmospheric races on our calendar.

“I know the Formula 1 drivers, teams and fans are all looking forward to coming to Singapore next year.”

The race will take place on public roads around the downtown Marina Bay area, with the race proposals including powerful lighting systems that will replicate daylight conditions and stringent safety measures to ensure both driver and spectator safety.

“It will be more than just a motor race,” said Singapore's minister of state for trade and industry, Mr S Iswaran. “We envision it to be a national festival, and one that presents many opportunities for participation for everyone, both visitors and Singaporeans alike.

This is good news for the vast European fans who can now watch the race in a very suitable time.
Here in India rumors or you can say news that F1 round the Janpath in Delhi are increasing, I am eagerly waiting when will that news be confirmed . But one big question which comes in my mind why every event is being hosted in Delhi. Commonwealth in Delhi bid for Asiad in Delhi F1 in Delhi and I guess Olympics in Delhi. One reason which I can find out is funda of recycling invest for Commonwealth and then use the infrastructure for other big events. Common India is very big we can host in many other cities. Show the real India to outer world Delhi alone is not India.

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F1 in floodlights

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Anand said...

What other place would you suggest, if not Delhi for an F1 street race in India? A street race it has to be for a dedicated F1 race track would be nothing but another white elephant!

Honestly, if there is any 'infrastructure' in this country, it is in Delhi. If you thought of Bangalore, you must be kidding!

nitesh said...

Pune , hyderabad

I guess we can have it easily

Anand said...

hmm... Not too sure.

giri said...

yaar.......agar dilli main ho........wohi badi baat hogi.....i dont honestly think even delhi will be able to host........wish i am proved wrong [:d]