Friday, May 21, 2010

Arsenal Next Season

In Arsene we trust!

Lets start off with the Goalie issue. WE DESPERATELY NEED A HIGH CLASS GOALIE. There is no alternative to that. From what Wenger is saying it looks as though he might put the Pole (Fabianski) between the poles and make Almunia the 2nd choice. That very thought makes me nervous. I am not sure what Wenger sees in him. He may be a good shot stopper and he may have good reactions. But, what we need is a steady presence in our box. Someone who cannot collect (or punch) the corners effectively and efficiently. There are about 20 to 25 corners+freekicks to defend in a game and about 1 or 2 or sometimes up to 4 shots which require quick-reaction/ diving/ spectacular stops. (Arsenal-Barcelona was an exception). It is quite clear that to do the simple things efficiently is more important than to pull-off the spectacular. And this is what Wenger should look at. We know that Arsene will not bring in someone like Buffon or Toldo. I am hoping if he can persuade Lloris from the French team, that would be awesome. But, I think Wenger could go for someone really low-profile. Can he find another Lehman from somewhere? Over to you Arsene........

Gallas' wants and Arsenal/Wenger's policy means that the Frenchman could be on his way out. I have never been a big fan of Gallas ever since he came to Arsenal. Even though he formed a great partnership with TV earlier this season, I wont mind letting him go. BUT, that would leave a huge hole in the defence. We missed out on the Fulham youngster (Smalling). Can we get the Blackburn youngter? Jones? But then again, that would mean too many youngsters. So, in short, if Gallas stays, then TV + Gallas in the center with Djourou and Sol as backups. Otherwise, we need a well established center back. Would be awesome if we could get in a beast in the mould Lucio or Alex.
Over to you Arsene........

Left and right backs?
Clichy and Sagna backed up by Gibbs and Eboue. That is solid for me. There is talk that Clichy might go to Madrid or Barca. If he does, the Gibbs backed up by Armand Traore makes me concerned.
1) Gibbs, (even though, I like him as a player) is coming back from injury.
2) Traore is not a good defender.

Now the big one. The fab-skipper. This is what I think:
a) Fab wants go to Barca "some day". Some day is important.
b) Does he want to go now? Only Cesc knows the answer to that.
Why he would want to go
------Barca will probably win more trophies than Arsenal.
------Barca is his childhood club.
------Barca is in Spain
Why he would not want to go
------Papa Wenger. The person who has almost brought him up
------Feeling of almost there in Arsenal, just a little bit more to go. For a few seasons, we have been "almost there". If we sign a decent goalie and defender, (and having already bought the Morrocan), we should hopefully BE THERE next season instead of almost.
------Skipper at Arsenal, 3rd choice in Barca. Fab can dictate his terms over here. In Barca, Fab will only play if one of Xavi or Iniesta is unavailable.

Rest is upto AW.

There is a possibility that he might still go. But, I say he wont.

Since Cesc is not going, our mid field is pretty strong. We dont need any more re-inforcements in mid-field contrary to the pouplar belied. Song, Diaby, Nasri, Fab and Vin backed up by Walcott, Denislon, , Eboue and Rosicky is awesome, the best mid field in England.

RVP and Chamakh up-front backed up by Bendtner and Eduardo/Vela is still a little weak. But, if Jay-Emmanuel Thomas has matured enough, then we dont really need any more strikers. Jay-Emmanuel Thomas is a tall strong lad. May be just what we need.

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