Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Brute Force Vs Deft Touch

So, yet another win of brute force over deft touch, or rather 2 more wins. Justin Henin played the beautiful game, but Serena Williams walked away with the honors. Arsenal had the technique, the passing, the footballing skills, but it was Darren Fletcher (Anti-football? No, not this time) and AF's (Alex Fergusson, for there is only one Sir Alex, Sir Alex Song!!!!) red devils who had the last laugh!! Henin had the drop shots, the pace, the nimble-footedness, the volleys, hell she even had the BEST ONE-HANDED BACKHAND ever but lacked Serena's MUSCULAR STRENGTH. I am taking nothing away from Man Utd and Serena Wiliams here for they deserve to win. In fact, I dont really believe in the statement 'Deserved to Win'. It’s pretty simple and universal and omni-present and ubiquitous etc etc, the team which wins, deserves to win. For otherwise, it would not have won!! (Now, don’t ask me, did Aus deserve to win the Sydney test 2008!! That’s a toughie!! (Darryl Tuffey??))

But, this begs to ask a question, are we entering an era, where 'Brute Force' is taking over from Style and Class? Is there no room for 'Lazy Elegance' no more? When was the last time we saw a Tennis player serve-and-volley his way to a major? Did anyone after Sampras, US Open 2002, win a major? Is there any serve-and-volley player right now in top 10? When was the last time, a team one-touch-passed its way to the EPL summit? Arsenal 2004. Anyone after that?

Andy Murray tried to beat Federer at his own game (with style, elegance and technique) and came up second best. But when Juan Martin Del Potro, in US Open 2009, 'brute force'd his way past Federer he was successful. When Nadal tried to 'Muscle' his way through, he was also successful.

I think earlier, the players were not physically very strong and the equipment/ gear they used was nowhere near as good as they are today. Take anything, the bats, the helmets, the racquets, the shoes all have become better and stronger. In fact, in the earlier days, with the wooden racquet, there was nothing called top-spin, for the strings would break if a player tried to give a tennis ball some heavy top-spin and that is why they relied on serve-and-volley and touch shots and drop shots. Not anymore though. If a player tries to serve-and-volley now, he will get killed by the bullet-like, heavy top-spinned shots.

But, I still believe, Technique and Style has an upper-hand over raw-power. For otherwise, 'Roi' (King in French) Roger would not have taken over from the Narcissist Nadal to become No.1. And that is why I say, in ‘Arsene we Trust’ and that is why I say ‘Keep the Faith’!!!

Please God......Chelsea 1- 2 Arsenal!!


sumit Das said...

Hi,I have following your blog for some time, but this is the first time I am commenting.
I too, so wished Henin to win. But I will give benefit of doubt to her. Come on now, it was her first major back. And she reached the finals. And being the player she is , I think she will make the adjustments. After all she used to win slams earlier as well, and then also Serena used to exist. Isn't it?

And you don't follow Barcelona, do you? I thought that more than anything, Arsenal's finishing was poor that night. Really poor. Follow Barca and rest in peace . .......I didn't mean that literally.:)

giri said...

Hi Sumit,

.....ya lets hope henin comes back to win the wimbledon.....her aggresive style of play should suit the grass court more!!

barca......hmmm.....i should start getting behind them now....and make them my 2nd fav.....

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