Monday, December 15, 2008

Cricket needs Test Matches like India vs England @Chennai

What a test match between England and India has turned out to be. Played in security fears and questions by many people regarding the timing of cricket in India as we are yet to come out of Mumbai Carnage. But cricket won and the match took place among lots of security personals and England came with a desire to win and hunger was easily visible in their players.

They scored decent first innings score of 300+ and were on the front foot after getting India out early. Pieterson was brave in declaring at a challenging score of 311 thus giving India 387 runs target. Had it has been reverse case i.e Indian captain had to declare I doubt if any Indian captain would have declared below 420 target.

Hats off to Kevin he gave India the hope that they can win and big thanks to Sehwag for making this test match a great match. If he had got out early, I feel the match would have been a lame duck draw with Indians playing slowly and slowly and by afternoon agreeing for a draw.

Right now India stands a great chance in winning with only 83 runs required and Sehwag and Yuvi at crease. Yuvi controlled himself a lot after being teased by Flintoff regularly during his spell.

Lets see and enjoy cricket.

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abhi said...

Cricket has been a greatest healer of all time for India