Wednesday, December 6, 2006

sports review -part2

Last Night Barcelona showed us why they are considered as the best team in this world.Playing there unique one touch style football, in front of packed Nou Camp,they showed the whole world who is the boss out there.First goal scored by Ronnie was cheeky at worst and masterpiece at best,only someone like him can dare to score a goal like that,second goal has Barca style written all over it,inch-perfect passing selfless play and then cool finishing.The margin could have been had guily not missed an open goal.Although Bremen created few opportunities in seond half but after those two goals result were never a doubt.
In other matches last night most of them were of academin interest so its better not to discuss them here.Now tonight the two most important matches are:MANU-Benfica and arsenal-Porto.Both of them only needs a draw to qualify to knock out stages.Persoanlly speaking MANU will not have any problem in dealing with Benfica as they will be playing in Old-Trafford and morever they are in quite good form in EPL.However Arsenal is really in a tough position they will be playing away,without there best player Henry and with so inconsistent season so far,you never know what to expect from them.But I sincerly hope both these teams win so that Knock-Out stage becomes really interesting.
In Asian Games yesterday was mixed bag for us.We won the Gold and Silver in Billards,but lost in mens Hockey to China. Women tennis Team provided the small consolation by reaching team events semi-final.
That all about yesterdays event will be back tomorrow with more updates.

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Nitesh said...

heard about an awsome pic from ronaldinho in yesterday's ,match
today another cruncher
arsenal Vs porto
hope gunners shoot