Monday, April 10, 2006


1. Pen The Game. Why is it Pen The Game?

Ok for sure there are no Pens involved. But thinking about a name is not in our hands. We thought about a thousand names for the blog. Half the authors swear that they won't think this much for even there kid's name. The names ranged from names like khel-ko-jhel to gillidanda to recursive acronyms to sophisticated Greek gods of sports.

Finally Pen The Game. Why? Because we couldn't come up with something better. BTW this name was DK and Anand's baby. Both of them also live-in together.

We sure believe in the saying a Pen is mightier than a sword, though nowadays blogs are mightier than a missile.

2. Who all pitch in for Pen The Game?

A team of nine writers regular, irregular and erratic. The team of writers is headed by Luthra aka nitesh the original karta-dharta of this blog.

The team is,
Anand, Raja, Dk, abhi, Giri, Prateek, desh , Zub and Nitesh

Also some of our writers want to introduce themselves so here they are,

pretty dull and boring (read as 'pretty dull'), proud of his immense self obsession and those desire less seventy kilograms of some complex organic matter hanging around with a perpetually 'Decay'ing demeaned mind. He thinks that sports and music runs in his slothful veins, and there is a lot of chance that he is wrong like most of the times, but the deception is that he may actually be right this time. He blabbers that he can write on cricket ad football (lol, this is total crap), totally for his own pleasure and delight. Ah, what a feel-great-about-all-the-bullshit guy. And he loves the kudos on him (which he knows are pure vanilla lies). Summary: Maintain distance, as much as you can!

Life confusingly not in place. Habituated to not making sense of anything or rather most of the things. Interests and habits change often. Highly occupied by Politics, Cinema, Sports, Books and FOOD. Deficient with a bit of processing power which God substituted with a good enough Hard Disk.
Working in a software company in the Northern part of the country. Passionate about sports from cricket, badi, squash, f1 ,carrom and few more. Another cricket expert in the country of millions experts. Love reading a lot from politics , sports to tech stuff. Very aggressive and believes in being straightforward. Blah Blah
Summary as like Dk : Come near no need to maintain distance :)
Khurana(posting as abhi)
Born in Haryana, the surname is KHURANA. Here comes chaut aka chautala, digit. space for his alter-ego. Don't call him freak, neither is he nerd, for all those out-of-sorts creature, here is one mind that matches ur frequency. He works (like he is unique), he dances (like he is crazy), he party (like he seldom celebrates) n he blogs (like every tom, dick n harry). Focus is his key and only lock he has, he uses it to lock away himself from all the responsibilites, and turn into a couch potato for every Cricket Match.
Things he knows that he knows: 2%
Things he knows that he doesn't knows: 28%
Things he doesn't know that he doesn't knows: 70%
so, no wonder what all is left for him to say n write.

Born in Delhi, yet another KHURANA. I like to talk and be around other people and want others around me. I can talk about anything and everything that 'I' find interesting. Some friends call me a patient listener but I am not sure about it. I don't like to read (books, novels). A lot can be inferred, and tod-marroed about this fact as it has been always, but doesn't matter :) I find peace in sports. I myself play cricket, football, basketball, Table Tennis, badminton. Have also tried my hands on billiards, pool, snooker, baseball, volleyball, hockey as well! I have realized that quite lately, I have been obsessed with Sachin Tendulkar, Gosh! I am sooo late!

3. What happened to something known as Sportolysis?

Huh,long story. Ok so when this blog started we overlooked that something known as Sportolysis already exists. So there was a one run by Pratyush Khaitan by the same name and he asked us to change the name.
So after thinking over a thousand names and some other stupid ideas here we are. Though something to mention OUR Sportolysis won the indibloggies not Pratyush's...

But thanks to Pratyush for being considerate enough to give us time to think about the name change.

4. Why more of Cricket and Football on this Blog?

Cricket is what we have grown up with and Football is a growing thing. Though we have tried to cover all the sports which we aware about till now and will keep trying to do the same.

5. What is indibloggies and how is it related to Pen The Game?

In the word of Indibloggies,

India’s first and very own desi blog awards, the Indibloggies are publicly-chosen awards conferred on bloggers from India and of Indian origin settled elsewhere.
Pen The Game in its initial avatar won the indibloggies award for 2006 in the sports category. Check out the results.