Monday, December 17, 2007

Hail the Indian Cricket League (ICL)

It started with nobody giving any thought to it but slowly as it progressed it gathered momentum and i am sure the TRP's for the semis and finals must be very high.

It came it showed and it conquered finally


  • People will watch cricket if its played competitively stars don't make hell of a difference, Lara failed and as the tournament progressed Indian players rose and showed their caliber. Now I know a lot of players thiru kumaran, abas ali and many more who I would never have known had they languished under the BCCI.
  • Hats of the Chandigarh and Panchkula people who came in large numbers in every match in this chilling winter, it again showed indian people will support cricket by anybody if its good.
  • ICL is a good platform for those products and companies who cannot spent exorbitantly for marketing and advertising purposes, I expect more products to come in the future events and being city centric the companies of that particular cities can market themselves
  • It gave a new meaning to advertising and marketing , fashion show between the innings in the finals, movies promos like Sunday team was there in the finals, previously Dus Kahaniya team was there.
  • Learning experience for ex-cricketers who were coaches for the 6 teams and the results were visible in the splendid fielding done by the lads awesome catches and run outs. Hats off to the spirit :).
  • I felt very bad when Chandigarh lost as I could co-relate to the team , being from haryana living in noida , cities team concept is good. I am sure the teams would increase slowly we can expect Lucknow Nawabs, Pune Hunks, Ahmedabad Rockies.
  • Hats of to the Essel group for bringing such a good panel of umpires, commentators and specially Whitney.
  • Now about the dancers, I observer them growing fatter day be day :) all thanks to the Punjabi food they must be relishing the Indian experience.
  • Big pat on the back for the whole team for success of the tournament.
  • Calendar Year 2008 (from ICL website)

    S.No Month Tournament Particulars
    1. February 08 Domestic Championship 50 Over tournament Indian players to play
    2. February – March 08 Triangular Series to field ICL XI. 20 20 Over Tournament
    3. March – April 08 ICL Grand Championship 20 20 Over Tournament 8 Teams to participate in the tournament. Increase of 2 Teams.
    4. April – May 08 ICL to Open Academies in prominent cities.
    5. September – October 08 ICL Invitation Cup 20 20 Over Tournament 8 Teams to participate in the tournament
    6. November – December 08 ICL 20 20 Indian Championships 2nd Edition. 20 20 Over Tournament 8 Teams to participate in the tournament.

Work to be done

  • We need more grounds, I hope now ICL would be able to get more grounds and I think ICL can play a leading role in spreading the cricket to far off places in India, we normally have stadiums in every city and that can be uplifted for playing cricket and the crowd is sure to come, I remember 2-3 years back in my native city Hisar Asian Junior Boxing Championship was organized and I was shocked to see the crowd going to watch that. Play some matches in East India in Assam, play some in Orissa. Spread ICL spread cricket, if England can have 3-4 football leagues India can have many cricket leagues.
  • Reachability of the Zee Sports has to be increased , more the eyes watching the better it is.
  • Spread it outside India, i have written it before also, go to Pakistan, go to Sri lanka , go to Bangladesh and even bring one team of native Asian community with some england players from South Hall UK and even one from USA. It will take time but there is lot of scope
Special Hats Off to the one and only one Legend Kapil Dev who is not working just to earn money and filling the coffers like the other greats of Indian cricket are doing, i don't want to name them but you could guess easily.


Meanwhile Arsenal Won vo hoooooooooooo
Khali Lost watched today morning on IndiaTV to a 49 year old lad, felt sad :)

Monday, December 10, 2007

Australia Tour : What should be the playing eleven

Sachin is batting like his good old days, dada is scoring centuries , laxman there can be no doubt ever at his abilities the wall dravid can never be out of form for long , yuvraj has joined the party even pathan has scored century with such form who would say that we can loose.

But this is all true in subcontinent what will happen in Australia a month will tell and i am waiting anxiously for Aussies series this time I am not saying words like this is the last chance like the media hyped during the world cup 2007 but we stand a decent chance not good though.

Let's analyze

Openers: who will open karthik is struggling in scoring runs jaffer is certainty, yuvraj is banging for place in the playing 11 so who will open with Jaffer, perhaps the selectors will ask dravid to open giving reason that he normally bats at number 3 so one position will not affect, but you cannot expose the best player of the team so early to the opposition like Australia remember the last tour it was only because of the start given by akash chopra and sehwag that we were able to score above 400 runs in good number of innings.

But most probable opening stand looking so far

now whom to send one down sending sachin one down is not good ploy he is a shaky started all knows that and when the pitch is having moisture in the early one hour you are exposing another top class player too early.

Best bet can be Laxman



Now coming to bowlers

Zaheer , sreesanth , rp singh is injured, i wish they recover early and are ready for the tour. From Sreesanth I am expecting exploits downunder they will go after him and will surely give them wickets and first of all he is a good pace bowler in SA he showed that and in Australia he can be evil a mix of agression and pace will do the work.

RP Singh

But pathan is also bowling good so if one of the bowler is not fit Pathan should be taken but in first test sreesanth should be given chance.

It all depends on start in Australia if we get a good start we will get to their never, their bowling attack is not that lethal now and the way indian team is scoring runs though in India but it must have given the players confidence for the australian tour.

Lets get used to the habit of waking up early in the morning nowadays if we want to watch the series of the year.

What say you guys is this the best playing eleven available and what about the order also ?