Sunday, April 29, 2007

Hat-Trick for Aussies

3 and still no one to stop (img soure:

It’s finally over, after a two month old, not so fascinating exercise, the cup ended in hands of deserving winners. Aussies have now 3 consecutive World Cup victories along with a 29 match winning streak, which for sure wouldn't be surpassed by any team, atleast in this century. That day I thought Jayasuriya and Sangakara almost started on a road that was quite impossible, in the end it turned out that way only.

Awesome Cricket from the Sri-Lankans too, as I certainly wouldn’t have hoped any better from any team against the Australians. Aussies are too much to reckon with. The day belonged to three people- Gilchrist, McGrath and Jayasuriya. Gillu with his awesome effort with the Bat, Glenn McGrath for an awesome career which had the best possible ending with a victory in World cup and a Man of the Series award and Jayasuriya for a knock which still highlights his fighting spirit, probably his last in an World Cup. Ponting equaled Lloyd but personally I quite dislike him for reasons quite not so in my recognition.

People like Gavsakar should now realize that even if they are arrogant or whatever he thinks to label them they are certainly the BEST and the BEST that there has ever been anyone!!!

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Gillu Bhai Jio!!!

Gilchrist is awesome. His 149 proved that he is one of the bestest player of our generation and he is one of my personal favourites too. Among the Bestest of Best, I was expecting him to make a double, but sadly it didn't happen.

So 281 is what Sri Lanka need in 38 overs. I think its mostly over with the exception of a miracle from Jayasuriya.

Bestest crowd in the Cup so far, and lots of entertainment, it feels like I am seeing atleast a World Cup game.

Once again, Hats off to Gilchrist.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Rooney, Kaka! Kaka, Rooney!

The fight for European supremacy continues as Milan took on Man U in England in the first leg of UEFA Champions league’s first semifinal last night. Manchester united, injury struck and card struck came on without Gary Neville, Ferdinand and Vidic and Evra and Heinze took the defensive responsibilities. Milan knew that they just have to hold the fort in this match and with all the injuries and cards ManU will have a tough task in the next leg.

Saurabh, anand and dk decided to run a parallel game of scrabble as the referee blew the whistle, we set the board and got ready and then came the noise, GOAL, already. Five minutes in the game, and a Ronaldo head gets the ball behind the bars. Controversial though, whether it should have been a Dida own goal, who in attempt to keep the ball away from heading Heinze touches the ball in the net. Manchester united one up.

I am always on the losing side when Saurabh takes on scrabble, but it was my lucky dayJ, Saurabh was already angry on Man U’s pass-it-long tactics as I made progress. And suddenly we discovered God, Kaka, making the defence realize that they lack some players, single handedly took one to the brink and finished it beautifully. 22 minutes in the game and its open yet again. Saurabh happy, anand happy and Vivek gets up.

Kaka makes his presence felt again and doesn’t take long to do the same, 15 minutes later, on again he dodges the defenders, leaving Heinze and Evra colliding, one on one with Van Der Sar makes it 2-1, beautiful goal!! On away ground Milan is leading inside the first half and scrabble lays secluded in some corner of our room, poor game!

Soon with a carry over yellow card already, Evra gets himself booked, making the Milan visit next week a tourist bonanza as Milan pushes them. Half time changes, discussions, strategies happen and Man U strikes back in 59th minute. Rooney gets it for his team making the score 2-2, game on! (I am winning a scrabble game for the first time, yo yo yo)

A yellow to Kaka, one to Giggs, one to new kid Bonera, the game looks all set to go winnerless, Rooney gets the crowd erupted by hitting one in injury time, and I have won my first game J and Manchester united pulls this game back from behind leaving behind the Kaka-embarrassment to strike a claim for the European championship.

Is it going to be a complete Chelsea Vs Man U season everywhere, let’s find out tonight!

Image source : UEFA

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Prelude to Glory!

UEFA Champions League Semi Finals!!!!

Tonight Manchester United hosts Milan and tomorrow Liverpool goes to Chelsea's Home . Just before the semis, people speak:

"We're not far from winning the Champions League, even if it's not this season then next," the striker told "The team is getting more experience. We don't give up and we will win it." – Drogba

“We have enough quality but you can say that about all four teams in the semi-finals – everyone has to be at their best and show it on the pitch," – Sir Alex Ferguson

"They play wonderful football, especially here, so what happened against Roma will have no impact on our dressing room and how we approach the game. I'm proud to be here and be captain of my team. We're motivated by the fact we want to win the Champions League, which has been our main aim throughout this season. We have always been a leading club in Europe, and Italy, over the last 20 years and we want to show why."- Maldini

Source : UEFA

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Why Gerrard should stay?

I read this article a couple of years ago when Gerrard almost made a move to Chelsea(Thank god he dint)......the article's theme was 'Why Gerrard should stay at Liverpool'.....It was written by an ACMilan fan......look at the irony--the Gerrard inspired Liverpool went on to beat was quite a touching article I would like you guyz to read it ......

As a lifetime AC Milan fan, with a Liverpool supporting girlfriend, I
would like to give you my view on Steven Gerrard and his future at
Steven Gerrard: 24 years old, Liverpool captain, from Merseyside, a
homegrown talent. Now, I believe most of you reading have played football
when kids (some of you are probably still playing now, like me, in those
cold Sunday mornings, in some local amateur league, sorting out the nets,
the money for the ref, bringing home muddy boots for the missus'

We all started in the same fashion and so did Mr Gerrard: in the streets
and in the school playgrounds, with jumpers for goalposts, spending hours
arguing wether the ball was or wasn't gone over a bar that wasn't there to
begin with. Preferring a game of football with your mates to anything else
that there was in life. And if we weren't playing football... we would be
watching it.

Whether you were a striker or a defender, whether you were good or bad,
whether you were you or you were Steven Gerrard the dream was one for all
of us:

You can change that to AC Milan and the San Siro if for me. I am sure
every single one of you had that dream of putting on the Red shirt and the
armband. Some of you probably still do! Well, so did Steven Gerrard.

This is why as a neutral I can not understand nor tolerate the fact that
the guy is even thinking of a career outside Liverpool! Can you?

Being captain of your own team at the age of 24, playing Champions League
football ... is that not enough?
If Gerrard was to stay he almost certainly will be Liverpool captain for
another 10 years. He will almost certainly win trophies in the next 10
years. He will be Liverpool greatest player during his nearly 20 years
with the club's first team. He will be a legend. He will probably be
remembered as the best Liverpool player ever. He will be what Franco
Baresi has been to Milan.

Does anyone know what Baresi did in the early eighties? Here's what has
happened: At 14 Baresi joins Milan after Inter (where is older brother was
playing) rejected him, how foolish of them! He makes his debut very young
and in 1979 wins the title with Milan. A couple of years later Milan gets
relegated from Serie A to Serie B. The club is in a mess having being
involved in match fixing and the club's owner ran away. The club was in
total crisis, seeing the light at the end of the tunnel was impossible.

A few weeks later city's rival Inter make an offer for Baresi and Baresi's
partner in the middle of the defence Collovati. Straight away Collovati
joins Inter. A then very young Baresi (21-22) is made captain of a falling
giant. He's regarded by most as the best young talent of his generation
and the 1982 World Cup is around the corner. Staying with Milan playing in
Serie B would probably jeopardise his chances of going to the World Cup.
Joining Inter would mean playing alongside his brother and enjoying the
race for title every season at a club flushed with money. Collovati had no
doubt in his mind that the right choice was to join Inter. But what did
Baresi do? The similarity with the Steven Gerrard's situation was so big I
had to write this article.

Liverpool are nowhere near as bad as AC Milan was in the early eighties.
What should Steven Gerrard do? What did Franco Baresi do?
I am sure most of you know what Baresi did but I'll tell you anyway: HE
STAYED AT MILAN! He played for them in Serie B. He was so good he was
picked for the World Cup squad anyway. Milan won the Serie B league and
came straight up only to go down again one season later. More offers came
in for Baresi. Did he regret his original choice? Did he join Inter, Juve?
Did he? Of course he didn't. He played for Milan in Serie B again. That's
what I call a man!

In the following years with Milan he won promotion and then went on to win
the European Cup three times (now better known as Champions League), he
won the Intercontinental Cup twice, the European Super Cup 3 times, the
Italian League 5 times (to add to the win in 1979), and played a total of
5 European Cup Finals. He became for every Milan fan 'Il Capitano' (The
Captain, capital T and capital C).

When he retired from football in 1997 the club not only organised a match
for him in the San Siro where 85,000 paying supporters saw him and the
Milan players play the likes of Maradona, Romario, Careca, Koeman,
Mattheus but also the jersey with the number 6, the number he worn for so
many years, was retired as well. No more Milan players will ever wear the
number 6 (this week has been announced that the same will happen with
Paolo Maldini's number 3 when he retires).

Thinking forward should Gerrard commit himself to Liverpool for life? I
can not see why he shouldn't be able to experience the same glory and all
time legendary status. It all goes back to that one dream we had when we
were playing in the streets. The day that dream ends football will end
with it. I wish Steven Gerrard will realize this.

By the way: how many of you knew who Collovati was? To Milan fans he's a
traitor, that's all, who left the club in their hour of need. I have to
wash my mouth every time I say his name. Baresi in contrast is an

Friday, April 20, 2007

Messi's Goal

Said to be the best goal of the century. Its compared with maradona's goal.

Messi vs Getafe

Maradona vs England

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Cricket Drama

A lot has been happening in the cricket field and outside the cricket field in the past few days. World cup is nearing its end , semi finalists are already decided SL vs NZ and Aus vs SA. Both matches will be awesome , though most will put their bets on 1996 final repeat i.e. between Aus and SL but when i remember the 434 run chase by the SA I am forced to think otherwise they can beat the Aussies and they would like to do so and remove the chokers tag. NZ team of team players not individual performances but time styris has come out from the stack of players and is shinning like a pole start in the team. Possibility of NZ vs SA final cannot be ruled out but my personal favorite is Sri Lanka and i will put my money on them to lift the cup and restore the Asian Supremacy in cricket atleast.

England's coach Fletcher has resigned, In my opinion england never ever had any chance to reach the semis, they are not the team. Initially they had matches against the minnows and got some points. More concentration on the Ashes and less efforts on the odi side has lead to this downfall, we all know they played the champions trophy for formality. Vaughan should not be in the new team, he performed miserably.

West Indies , i would reckon them little bit unlucky because they got their tough matches in the initial stages and probably this also affected their morale to some extent though not fully. They played badly also. We would no longer see another great Lara, initially he said he will retire from ODI but now he has decided to say bye bye to cricket.

In our neighbor Shoaib Malik is made the captain, they ignored Mohammad Yousuf again. I wish he would revive the trouble ridden Pakistani team.
Indian team for the Bangladesh team will be announced today. I expect Sachin and Ganguly would be rested ( some would say dropped) no India has to play lot of cricket in the coming months so we need them fresh. Bhajji and Sehwag are expected to be dropped . We will know the team in few hours.

I read in ET yesterday that ESPN Star will force the ICC to cut the television rights amount by 15%, this is due to poor performances by India and Pakistan in this WC and also next to next WC will be in Aus/NZ , so the matches will be played very early in the morning

Lots of happening on and off
Lets enjoy the final round of the WC

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Dream 11 : World Cup 2007

Yesterday giri posted his dream 11 of the 2007 WC the longest one
So here's mine


Player Mat Inns NO Runs HS Ave BF SR 100 50 0 4s 6s

1)GC Smith :

9 9 1 441 91 55.12 419 105.25 0 5 0 55 6
I find him among the most dangerous players when he is in flow he can devastate anyone

2) ML Hayden

8 7 1 477 158 79.50 437 109.15 2 1 0 52 15
He has to be there

3) Kallis

9 8 3 480 128* 96.00 569 84.35 1 3 0 42 7
Awesome all rounder , is among runs in the cup , strong contender for Man of the series

4)Jayawardene (Captain)
9 9 1 414 85 51.75 516 80.23 0 4 0 29 7

He has leaded from the front, we have seen his captaincy against India and i have become a fan of him when he followed the tactics of not exposing murli and vaas to the Aussies, no matter ponting what you say regarding this move but Sri Lanka is the team that can beat the aussies hands down, ya I mean it ( they can crush the Aussies)
So he is my captain over Ponting

8 7 3 435 111* 108.75 538 80.85 1 4 0 38 3
He is my man of the series, batted superbly against the lankans as giri wrote. He has to be in the team.

6)Gilchrist (wk)
8 8 1 302 59* 43.14 325 92.92 0 2 0 45 2
other option could have been boucher but we need to attack at this time and gilly can attack at any time far better then any other keepers.


Pace and economy both are in him, far far better then tait


9) Andre Nel

5 45.2 5 186 11 5/45 16.90 4.10 24.7 0
I don't know why i choose him , but he can get you wickets very easily

6 43.2 3 214 15 4/54 14.26 4.93 17.3 1 0
Got injured otherwise would have got the highest wickets.
We need aggression and he has it

8 61.5 4 283 20 3/14 14.15 4.57 18.5 0 0
Living legend, no need to write more

12) Vettori
13) Pieterson

This is my team
I don't know how is it

Any changes are welcome :)

facts from cricinfo

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No ASIAD in Dilli: to lado bacchu

Ok, so now its Fool n Final that we are not going to host the 2014 Asian Games. Its going to be some Korean City touted by Suresh Kalmadi as a united bid for the games where as our bid was a divided one.

Some questions for Mr. Kalmadi,
  1. Enough is enough when will you resign from the Indian Olympic Association?
No more questions, actually this one is enough, all other questions on health of Indian Sports, involvement of Politics in Indian sports, no use asking them as Mr. Kalmadi must be bored of it. Anyway I didn't quite like the tussle going on w.r.t to the bid between Mani Shankar Aiyar and Kalmadi. In a way me with Aiyar that lots of money will be saved. In a nation with farmers struggling to make up with rising debts there is no need to boast of anything, especially of our not so good skill-set involving Olympic sports.

Its true that sports brings good times to a nation, but its not that if don't get an event we should be disappointed at it. I thinks its time for Kalmadi to bid adieu atleast after the Commonwealth in Delhi, because even if you are an efficient administrator, a rot starts developing (exceptions like Bernie Ecclestone).

Lets hope we fight for some medals not for getting the bid.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

world cup XI

Deechu, mujhe copy cat mat bolna is my world cup XI

Surprise Surprise.........lots of Aussies :D

1)Mathew Hayden--Superb performance so far. Very aggressive. Highest run-scorer.
2)Sachin Tendulkar--He is God. Has to be there.
3)Adam Gilchrist--Has not done much. But no other keeper has except for Paul Nixon of England ......But Gilchrist is Gilchrist.
4)Ricky Ponting--captain......This guy does not fail. Unbelievable consistency.
5)Scott Styris--Has been brilliant in this world cup. 100 in trying conditions against probably the best bowling attack of WC'07(Srilanka) was overshadowed by their loss to Srilanka. His seam-up stuff have not been bad either.
6)Kevin Pieterson--brilliant again.
7)Michael Clarke-- Has been overshadowed by the Haydens and Pontings. But, a look at his stats 300 runs at avg of 80 and strike rate of 100 is not bad. Believe me.
8)Shaun Tait--Fast, explosive and wicket taking, though a wee-bit expensive
9)Glenn Mcgrath--Old war house. Everyone thought that his time is over. But......
11)Malinga--4 in 4!!.....Dangerous tactic to go in with both, Tait and Malinga. But, its only a fantasy team. So lets be aggressive. :D

If the pitch is a belter, I would go with Brad Hogg and take Styris out.

........flop level coming soon.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Hamilton vs Alonso vs Kimi

It has become a three way battle now. Kimi Alonso and Hamilton are all tied at 22 points each in the 2007 F1 season. Lewis Hamilton who has now become the blue eyed boy of the F1 circuit with three back to back podium finish thus becoming the first driver in history. The gap between Mclaren and Ferrari is swinging like a pendulum with Australia going in favor of Ferrari , Malaysia going Mclaren way but in Bahrain the gap has closed any one could have one. Hamilton was just 2.5 seconds behind Massa. Even BMW is slowly closing in with its drivers finishing at 4th and 6th.Nick Heidfeld battled both Kimi and Alonso and finally overcame Alonso to finish 4th. Now get ready for European sojourn with challenging monaco 2 races away.

And congratulations to all those who polled for Massa 4 votes, 2 each for Kimi and Hamilton and 1 for Alonso
Check Results here

Read More
img src : itv-f1

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My European XI for this year


Van der sar








C. Ronaldo






I know you hate it :)
What is your team

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Embarrassment, Pride, Despair, Boomerang.....

....Roma, ManU, Valencia, Chelsea respectively.
UEFA Champions league Quarter finals second leg, a lot of curiosity and expectations and an exaggerated result in the match that we were lucky to see, courtesy ten sports. After losing 2-1 in Italy last week, Manchester United had different plans and they never would have expected them to work so blissfully, we all make guesses and nobody could have guessed that the scoreline would be as strange as 7-1. Carrick began the assault with a great strike from outside the box, followed by goals from rooney, smith and ronaldo. Suddenly the scoreline read 4-0 and the 'who reaches the semis' excitement almost died and it was visible that Romans knew it. The second half was no different and ManU continued to haul Roma, as Carrick and Ronaldo completed braces and score was 6-0 with some time to full time left. A cross from Totti and a good first touch from De Rossi displaced that lone zero to one, but there was no reason for a smile, forget the celebrations. Substitute Evra joined the list of Goal scorers and made Roma players feel as bad as they could and the final whistle finally blew at 7-1 and ManU are through to the semis.

And, Chelsea! Boy, they are having some time. Conceding an away goal in their home match against Valencia(1-1) they certainly were under some pressure last night and Morientes made things tougher by helping Valencia draw first blood and the aggregate became 2-1 Valencia leading. And when Chelsea came back from the half time snacks (the world has all the rights to know what pills Jose has for metamorphism), and early in second half Shevy pulls one back and its even-stevens in the quarter finals. And when it looks like a great stage for an normal time stale mate followed by extra time and perhaps penalty shootouts Essien wraps it up by a traditional 90th minute Chelsea goal, toggling the last Spanish team out of the champion’s league and booking a place in semis for themselves.

And the English authority over European football redefined last night!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Sports Mascots

As sporting event has a name, each has its mascot too. Nowadays as Sports events become big time money spinners there is lesser significance of this happy-go-lucky breed in Sports.

Going beyond etymology, where mascots generally are clubbed with Good Luck, they carry much more significance. A mascot can be a symbol to unite the whole country or the world. There genesis is not quite known but it is attributed to American Sporting structure at Universities. Mascots play a symbolic role in keeping up the spirit of the competition.

Seldom in Cricket has a mascot been popular. I remember Madhav Rao Scindia kicking off the 1996 World Cup at Eden Gardens, Calcutta with Googly, the them mascot. This world cup has Mello as the mascot but you see, nowadays it doesn't matter much. What matters more probably is which Cola brand comes with you, or should you let tobacco and liquor brands enter sports?

Mascots are quite popular in American Sports like Basketball and American Football. Here is one of my favourite one from there.

(Charlotte Hornets Mascot - Image Source:

The most famous mascot in sports history remains Misha. All of us remember a bit of him from our childhood days when he showed up as an animated series on Doordarshan. Also one my cousin's had a Misha stuff toy which she liked quite a lot. Its also quite a part of popular culture. Misha was the mascot for the troubled, much boycotted Moscow Olympics.

(Misha, Mascot for 1980 Moscow Olympics, Image Source:

Whatever be it, mascots will keep on coming and surely will ensure that they stay in our memories forever.

As Luthra suggested I did a big mishtake in missing out Appu, the mascot for Asiad 1982, which also has a entertainment park Appu Ghar named after him. So updated this post.

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Monday, April 9, 2007

Spanish La Liga- How close can it get

Now when we are hovering around the end of the football season, we can easily pick up the most competitive league of them all, its La Liga. With Manchester United and Chelsea making the EPL a two horse race, Inter already miles ahead of the rest of Italian clubs, Lyon 17 points clear of the runner-ups, Spanish league has no clear winner as yet (Bundesliga is the only other league with such competition left with top 4 teams, Schalke, Werder, Stuttgart and Bayern separated by six points with 9 matches left.).

Team Pts GP W D L
Barcelona 56 29 16 8 5
Sevilla 55 29 16 7 6
Real Madrid 54 29 16 6 7
Zaragoza 50 29 14 8 7
Valencia 50 29 15 5 9

And the table speaks for itself, how close can it get. Six points separating five top teams. Already knocked out of the prestigious Champions trophy, the defending Spanish champions Barcelona aren’t having quite a good time as last year. But, they are still holding first place, but only just, specially after losing their crucial encounter against Zaragoza this weekend.

Sevilla, on the other hand have played amazing football all the season, driven by leading goal scorer Kanoute(19 goals) and they are looking to bring the 61 year draught to an end. They are just one point behind Barcelona and have all the potential to toggle them off the throne, a draw this weekend against Racing keeps them at number two. And UEFA cup quarter finals keep them motivated but busy!

The team that is always in news for all reasons is in news for a better display of the game; inspired by flamboyant Robinho Real Madrid’s vicory over Osasuna sees them at number three eyeing the two point away first place. Knocked out of the champion’s trophy, La liga is all they have to fight for now, Unpredictable in both directions, that’s what I can say about them!

Valencia, the team holding Spanish fort in the champion’s leagues sits at 50 points, and has the mettle to surprise bigger teams. Holding Chelsea 1-1 at Stamford Bridge would have given them a lot of confidence, and winning the home encounter against them in the quarter finals is an obvious priority for them, but its not a side to be taken granted for any reasons.

Zaragoza and Atletico de Madrid are at 50 and 47 respectively, and thus the whole recipe for a great climax is ensured. Nothing more one can say, comment or write, just wait and watch and keep thinking ‘How close can it get?’

By the way, my Money on Sevilla!!!
Go Sevilla Go!!

Sunday, April 8, 2007

McLaren All the way :: Ferrari Toppled

privileged to post the 150th post, soon we will break the 200 run barrier :)

As i expected in the Sepang F1, it was Mclaren all the way from start of the race till the finish. I missed the qualification round due to some misunderstanting of the time, I read the Honkong time and was waiting eagerly for the qualification to start a 2.00pm IST, but in wain, ringed prasoon asking was there any delay ohh boy he told me it was already over and you know these Indian news channels who don't cover other then Cricket.
But today I was ready on time this time no mistake , awsome start I have ever seen since I started watching the F1 2-3 years back. Alonso pusing Massa back and Rookie Hamilton who drives like a pro pipping both Massa and Kimmi to make it 1 2 for Mclaren in the first sector of the first lap. Massa tried a lot to pip Hamilton and later on it was Kimi who pushed Hamilton hard but no hamilton was not a easy nut to crack and in the end it was 1 2 podium finish for Mclaren after long time.

Renault I guess has stopped investing in its car , I was shocked to see them starting at 11 and 12 place, but they some how salvaged some seeing Fisi at 6th. F1 guys efforts are showing up now , as now its not easy for ferraris and mclarens there is now slight difference between the cars , you can see the difference between them in the yesterday's qualifying.
Great Going F1
Lets move to Bahrain ........... Welcome to Arab World

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Saturday, April 7, 2007

Arcane world of transfers - < Football outside the field>

Arcane might be a slight exaggeration but true.I say this because of my own inablility to comprehend it completely as yet.I just wish to provide with an insight into the market of transfers for noobs who would like to wish to know more than just football.Transfers are perhaps the most exciting aspect of the club competitions and the fact that they are being played more extensively as compared to the international matches makes transfers really important as well.They are an important reason for football being almost as eventful on the outside of the field as it is inside.

A manager is the linch-pin on which the team's overall management and hence the results, to a certain extent, depend. As is in the transfer market, it is the shrewdness of a manager that gets him the better players as compared to his peers. Considering a basic flow, every player like the manager is bound to a contract signed by him with the team management.

There are two ways in which a player can move out of the club

- When the contract expires, the player is free to join other clubs or may even be given an option to sign a renewed contract by the team management.
- Other being to get transfer listed by the team management i.e. the manager

Being transfer listed is an open announcement to the football world that the listed player is available for sale. This may happen due to various reasons. Player neglect by the manager leading to player unhappiness and asking to be put on a transfer list is one reason. The other may well be the more lucrative offers the player has from other clubs and wanting to leave the club. Finally a dissent between the manager and the player due to ego-clashes can leave a player on the transfer list.

Transfer windows are the only periods in an year where players can be transferred between the clubs. There are two transfer windows in an year starting 1st January to 1st February and 1st July to 1st September. Even if a club buys a player at a time other than these two, the deal will finally go through in these windows only.

There are various ways in which a player gets transferred. The player can permenantly move out from one to another club or the player can go on a loan or the two clubs can co-own the player. We 'll look at those aspects some other time. Coming back to the transfer lists, it is not essential for a player to get transferred only if he is transfer listed. Managers wanting to buy players may offer to the clubs for the player and if the club and player agrees, the deal goes through.

Usually the strikers and the forwards cost the most followed by midfielders and defenders. The goalkeepers come last. But it is no rule as there are defenders and goalkeepers in the all time highest transfers. A player's value is maximum at an age of around 25-28. It is at this time the player is at his peak and hence the value. As he gets older, the price goes down. Here is a list of some of the greatest transfers ever.

Rank Player From To Transfer Fee(£ millions) Year

1 Zinedine Zidane Juventus Real Madrid 45.62 2001

2 Luis Figo Barcelona Real Madrid 38.7 2000

3 Hernan Crespo Parma Lazio 35.5 2000

4 Gianluigi Buffon Parma Juventus 32.6 2001

5 Christian Veiri Lazio Internazionale 32.0 1999

6. Andriy Shevchenko AC Milan Chelsea 30.0 2006

7 Rio Ferdinand Leeds United Man United 29.1 2002

8 Gaizka Mendietta Valencia Lazio 29.0 2001

9 Ronaldo Internazionale Real Madrid 28.49 2002

10 Juan Sebastián Verón Lazio Man United 28.1 2001

source -

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Friday, April 6, 2007

Priyanka Chopra to flag Malaysian Grand Prix

Big Racers and Big Stars
This race would be fun as there will be stars, racers and whole lot of excitement. Priyanka will flag the race on Sunday in Sepang with actor Leonardo Di Caprio and celebrated film-maker Steven Spielberg.

The Grand Prix will be followed by a dinner - the Petronas Malaysian Grand Prix Fantasy Gala 2007, to be held at Malaysian Convention Center, where she will be accompanied by PM Badawi, F1 racers and Malaysian film and music celebrities

Priyanka Says
“Most of my last year was spent in Malaysia (while shooting for ‘Krrish’). I am truly excited to be a part of this prestigious event. I feel very humbled. I am looking forward to meeting everyone there.”

Meanwhile at the Friday practice we are seeing a renault revival. Both the renault drivers were fastest at 2 and 3 place respectively with Massa at first place

BackTrack: Herald Tribune

img: dna

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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Being a Rebel in Cricket...!!!

Zee announced yesterday setting up of a alternate Cricket league in India. It's quite difficult to think what will be the effects of this league on Cricket and TV broadcasting, but the ghost of Kerry Packer Cricket is sure to haunt BCCI and Indian Cricket.

Kerry Packer’s World Series back in the 70’s ushered the first innovations in the game. Day and night games, TV Replays, The White Ball and Coloured Clothes everything was Packer’s contribution to the game he didn’t know much about.

I was a watching a Pranoy Roy show just before the World Cup started involving Imran Khan and Tony Greig, when they recollected how Packer first thought about Flood Lights. As a result the White Ball was invented and so were the Coloured clothes.

The prize money is quite huge and also the initial fund earmarked from Subhash Chandra's side is around 100 Crores. This is another attempt by him to take a bite in the Indian Cricket market after launching Zee Sports in an attempt to get the BCCI contract for broadcasting Indian Cricket which he lost out on.

Kerry Packer too went ahead with alternative to Test Cricket after loosing out on the Cricket TV broadcast rights in 1976 from Australian Cricket Board.

It will be interesting to see the future developments, the main roadblocks being,
  • BCCI? If they don't provide the infrastructure and stop the players.
  • If the players themselves don't join in. The last time Packer did this times were different. Cricket was not such a money spinner as it is today and player wages were quite low as compared to that offered by Packer. It will interesting to see if Subhash Chandra hikes player fees to bring more stars to his matches.
  • The main roadblock is,
    Jab Ek Cricket hi nahi sambhal raha to alternate Cricket kya khak sambhlega
Whatever happens it makes up for an interesting battle between players, BCCI and Chandra and with India's present form this may get just that extra appreciation from fans too.

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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Cricket & The Blue Billion: Vir Sanghvi

Read this article on Sunday in HT

Click and read

Vir Sanghvi has given some views on the mindset of Indian cricket fans and some counterpoints to those who are making huge hue and cry after the Indian cricket team exit from the Cup. Read the article.

I guess this is to some extend echoes my thoughts in this post cricket fans protests & media Hooh Haah

article src: HT

Monday, April 2, 2007

Memoria - Euro' 04 Quarter Final

This has to be one of the best international matches that I have seen. England plays Portugal in the quarter finals of the Euro – 04 in front the elated Porto crowd and the worth for their money was enormous.

The match started with national anthems followed by supporters’ emotional howls. And it wasn’t a long wait to make some amendments in the scores. It was two minutes and twenty four seconds and Owen flicks one past Ricardo to give English an early lead. And Portuguese already sniff that tickle down then nerve and a little sense of urgency! James denies a 20 yard from Maniche and soon after Nuno Gomes misses the far post. The English are already forming castles, and its less than 20 minutes. And a sudden counter attack from Lampard almost makes it two, wishing Owen could have converted that one as well.

What next, the poster boy of English camp Wayne Rooney twists his ankle, it looks serious and he is replaced by Darius Vassell. And now, Deco, Ronaldo turn to shooting modes, making life difficult for the English defenders. Deco-Gerrard tackle and the first yellow card of the game flashed, careful Stevie!

Half Time almost there and Gary Neville toggles Ronaldo and gets booked. Figo takes the strike from the edge of the box, unfortunately for his team, high and wide.

Half Time reads England one Portugal nil.

Portuguese get some sort of pep-up snacks and they come back firing the English defenders yet again. Figo shoots one in almost no time, but he is not having a merry time at all, still the team seems to make an impact. Next booking is for Costinha, dirty-tackling Beckham.

64 Minutes Simao in Costinha out and inside three minutes he almost stole the much awaited equalizer. A Portugal corner followed by an English corner, but no change in scorelines. Now, English barter Hargreaves on, Gerrard off.

GOAL!! Six minutes to full time and Postiga’s head puts the cross from Ronaldo behind the bars, and its 1-1. Game On!! The crowd has come alive (inside and outside the TV). What else now to pamper the epic, a disallowed 90 minute ‘Cross Bar-Line-Out’ Goal by Campbell. And Ronaldo’s excellence is curbed by Phil Neville and he gets a yellow.

Extra time on and the physical energy levels are forced to maintain, that’s for the players, the fans had to manage the emotional energy levels! 110 minutes and Rui Costa decides that there should be no penalty business in Portugal and he shoos away Phil Neville for an absolute 20 yard treat and it’s a GOAL!! Portugal 2 England 1. But Lampard believes that penalties are still an option and in 5 minutes from a Terry Flick, he tells the Portuguese that the English are game for Penalties.

A good for nothing free kick from David Beckham and its time, we're going to penalties.


David Beckham! What have you done?

England 0 Portugal 0:

Deco, Confidence!

England 0 Portugal 1:

Owen, lousy! Thanks Ricardo for moving out of the way of this straight hit, thanks a lot!

England 1 Portugal 1:

Simao, no problems whatsoever!

England 1 Portugal 2:

Lampard, straight and low down the middle, level!

England 2 Portugal 2:

Rui Costa, the star misses it, mimics Beckham!

England 2 Portugal 2:

Terry does it with Perfection!

England 3 Portugal 2:

Ronaldo, nerves and a great penalty!

England 3 Portugal 3:

Owen Hargreaves, came in for Gerrard, and he doesn’t miss it!

England 4 Portugal 3:

Maniche, a miss means exit, and he doesn’t disappoint!

England 4 Portugal 4:

Sudden death is on Ashley Cole is next, Advantage England!

England 5 Portugal 4:

Postiga keeps hopes alive and puts it behind the bars!

England 5 Portugal 5:

Darius Vassell! Nooo, you came in for Rooney! And you missed it!

England 5 Portugal 5:

And Ricardo himself comes on to take the all crucial penalty, and he does it, Portugal has won a mind blogging contest, this is unbelievable football!

Alas! I can’t epitomize all the excitement in words, but for all those who saw it live, you can still feel that moment!

Image Sources : google BBC